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Heals a large amount of HP.


Curaga is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". It is the highest-level curative spell provided by Healing Materia Healing Materia. It restores a major amount of HP, above Cure Cure and Cura Cura, but has a higher MP cost. The effect can be boosted if the target being healed has the Salvation Badge.


Magic Materia Magic Materia Healing Materia Healing Materia
Effects Large heal
Damages undead
Ignores random variance
1 second charge time
Interrupt stats Interrupted by attacks with ≥40 interrupt strength
Compatible Support Materia Support Materia Magnify Materia Magnify Materia
Unconditional weapon passive bonuses MP Saver: Healing Spells

Healing formula:

Damage formula (Undead targets):


Curaga costs 12 MP to cast (less with MP Saver: Healing Spells), and can be used by characters with healing materia at level 4. It provides a huge amount of healing that, dependent on the caster's Magic Magic attribute, can heal at amounts even greater than a Mega-Potion. Curaga is an ATB-efficient way to cure a character, and its MP cost per HP restored is very good compared to Cure and Cura, although it can waste MP if healing more HP than necessary.

Curaga should be cast to rescue characters from dire situations if they are near-death, in order to spare MP. When characters are healthier, Cura should be cast instead. Regen Regen is a viable alternative to Curaga, which can heal a character fully and is not dependent on the caster's magic attribute, but is much slower to heal. Other alternatives to Curaga are Chakra and Pray, which have no MP cost, but also heal at lower amounts.

Curaga can be used effectively by pairing the healing materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia. This easily allows the caster to restore all allies nearer to full HP at a single ATB cost, making it very MP and ATB-efficient, more so than Pray. However, only a single magnify materia exists, and this pairing will prevent magnify from being paired with other potentially powerful combinations. Additionally, the healing carcanet will improve the amount being healed, and many weapons include passives that improve the healing amount when the spell is cast on others or on oneself.


The word curaga distinctly means "to take charge" or "to take responsibility" or "manage" in Latin. In several Eastern European languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian, the word curaga can be translated as "dried apricots".