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A Yarhi whose innocent appearance belies its remorseless soul.


Cu Sith is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a Rank II Earth Ranged summon and costs 15 Affinity points to summon. The red Cu Siths are ally Yarhi, while the green ones are enemy Yarhi.

A corporeal Cu Sith works in the Sky Saloon as the "master artificer," and should not be confused with this summon.


Cu Sith can be bought from the Ring of Pacts for 2 Auracite.


Summoning Cu Sith costs 15 Affinity.

Its normal attack, Stone, deals Earth damage to one foe. Its special, Bedevil, inflicts Blind on one foe.

Cu Sith has the Attack Speed of 35~48, making the time between its attacks about 2.5~2 seconds. Its basic attack attribute is magickal, so it uses its Magick power. If silenced, it cannot attack. Its hit style is direct shot, which means it will hit and stop at any target within the attack's range.

Cu Siths can use Bedevil, which inflicts Blind on the enemy. This is an advantage when sneaking up on an enemy. Since blinded units won't react to long-ranged attacks, or even notice they are being attacked, they become temporarily harmless to ally ranged attackers.




In Scottish mythology, Cù Sìth is an enormous otherworldly hound said to haunt the Scottish Highlands. It is roughly the size of a cow or large calf.