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Master artificer. And I must object to you calling me "it". I do not call you "hume".

Cu Sith

Cu Sith is a character in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. The Master Artificer, she is Tomaj's self-proclaimed apprentice, though Tomaj refers to her as "it". Cu Sith will set up a synthesis shop onboard the Galbana and helps the player craft new items out of raw materials.

As she points out, her name is a misnomer, equivalent to calling a hume "Hume".



Cu Sith is a small tan dog-like creature with brown patches and brown eyes. She has long ears and tail. She wears blue suspenders over a light blue turtleneck, a large blue hat brown boots and white gloves. She carries a large green hammer.


Cu Sith is a grateful creature, becoming Tomaj's apprentice to serve him for helping her, and calling him "Master Tomaj". She sends Vaan out on several missions to help her. At first, she dislikes Nono, but they eventually become friends.


Cu Sith's portrait.

Tomaj rescued Cu Sith when she was floating in the sky. She hit the wing of the Galbana, where Tomaj found her. Grateful that someone helped her, she decided to be Tomaj's apprentice, following him everywhere, lending her services to him, and bestowing upon him the title "Master Tomaj". As Vaan creates more items for her, she sends him out on more and more missions to help her out. One such mission involves the hunt for the Everburn material. Tomaj also sends out Vaan for some missions to expand her forge.

When Nono comes onboard, the dislike between the two is mutual, but eventually they start seeing the other in a more positive light as they witness each other's work.

Though she is a Yarhi of the Cu Sith race, she does not disappear when all auracites are destroyed.


Crafting is available from Chapter 4 when Cu Sith sets up a synthesis shop aboard the Galbana. Cu Sith crafts weapons from three scavenging materials in addition to the instructions from a Recipe Book. Once a weapon is selected to be crafted and the materials have been supplied, Cu Sith will ask three questions. The answers and the grade of the supplied materials determine the weapon's statistics. The higher grade of the scavenging materials, the higher bonus to various stats. Once a weapon is crafted, the player can name it.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

CuSith TCG.png

Cu Sith appears with a water-elemental card.

Behind the scenes[]

When crafting a Discharger for Filo, Cu Sith's third question, "Breathing, breathle- heaving bre- heaving breath-" is a reference to the 1985 film Clue in which Mrs. White, portrayed by Madeline Kahn, says these exact words following her famous (and improvised) "flames on the side of my face" line.


In Scottish mythology, Cù Sìth is an enormous otherworldly hound said to haunt the Scottish Highlands. It is roughly the size of a cow or large calf.