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The Crystarium is a city of the First reflection of Hydaelyn from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It serves as the new hub city for players in the expansion.


A bustling city that developed around the Crystal Tower in the years following its sudden appearance in Lakeland. It serves as a safe haven for people of all races and creeds as they join hands in the struggle against the merciless sin eaters.


Before Shadowbringers Edit

During the decade following the Flood of Light, a giant spire known as the Crystal Tower emerged in Lakeland. Refugees fleeing sin eater attacks came upon the Tower and the mysterious hooded man who summoned it. He gave succor and safe haven to those who arrived, and eventually the Crystarium was formed around the Tower's base. To further strengthen the new settlement, the sage allowed the residents to explore the Tower proper and make use of the wonders lying within, technology beyond what anyone in Norvrandt had seen, and eventually the citzens came to look upon the sage as their leader. Though he did not reveal his name, they came to know him as the Crystal Exarch for his semi-crystallized appearance.

The Crystarium would grow as more and more refugees joined and banded together to fight the sin eaters, and it would frequently send members of it's own guard to help protect the nearby villages and settlements from sin eater attacks. It would eventually develop Facets, departments of industry that would grow and create supplies and hoard whatever knowledge the city's melting pot of nationalities brought with them for preservation and use in battle.

The Crystarium initially allied itself with Eulmore as the latter city-state led the battle against the sin eaters with aid from the incarnations of the Oracle of Light, however the ascension of Vauthry and subsequent change of policy of Eulmore resulted in the two city-states to enter a tense stalemate, and without the power of the Oracle, the Crystarium adopted a more defensive approach towards the eaters.

Landmarks and servicesEdit

Landmarks Edit

Syrcus Tower Edit

The eponymous spire of the Crystal Tower within which the Exarch resides.

The Dossal Gate Edit

The Tower's main entrance.

The Ocular Edit

The Exarch's study, where he can most often be found.

The Umbilicus Edit

A private room containing the most important control functions for the Crystal Tower and the Crystarium's defense.

Musica Universalis Edit

The market area of the Crystarium.

The Pendants Edit

A building containing a series of personal suites for the cityfolk.

Rapture Edit

The main residential area for citizens of the Crystarium.

Weather Edit

The weather in the Crystarium may exhibit any of the following conditions:

  • FFXIV Weather Everlasting Light icon Everlasting Light (at all times prior to completing Holminster Switch)
  • FFXIV Weather Clear icon Clear Skies
  • FFXIV Weather Clouds icon Clouds
  • FFXIV Weather Fair icon Fair Skies
  • FFXIV Weather Fog icon Fog
  • FFXIV Weather Rain icon Rain

Quests Edit

Duties Edit

Musical themesEdit

"The Dark Which Illuminates the World" plays in the Crystarium at all times while Everlasting Light is in effect. After the night sky is restored, "The Dark Which Illuminates the World" plays during the day, while "Knowledge Never Sleeps" plays at night. "Now I know the Truth" plays inside the Crystal Tower.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Crystarium is a near identical recreation of the unnamed city that first appeared in the Rapture demo from 2005. The city's main residential area, which cannot be visited, takes it's name from this demo.

The Crystarium from the First shares certain similarity with Ancient Allag from the Source, as both were cities built around the Crystal Tower.


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