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Crystalbug is a fiend/crystalbug-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII. There are only three Crystalbugs: a red, blue, and green one. The player can steal Feystones from it, needed for making High Arcana.

The first mention of such a creature comes from the moogle merchant Tetran, who mentions a creature that mimics that of crystals.

The green Crystalbug is found in the Walk of Revelation area of the Stilshrine of Miriam, appearing as a green "Life Crystal". It becomes a save crystal when defeated.

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Being a fiend that, unable to move and hunt for food on its own, mimics the form of a crystal, thereby tempting its prey to come to it. The deception is nearly perfect and thus almost impossible to detect. Should an ill-starred traveler mistake such a creature for a crystal, and reach out his hand, he will be treated to a maelstrom of the strongest magicks, before having his life juices summarily drained.

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In the original Japanese version, the green Crystalbug had a mere 2,326 HP. Both the Piggyback and BradyGames guides erroneously show the hit point total from the Japanese version.


The green Crystalbug knows elemental magicks, halves all elemental damage, is immune to all negative statuses and has the troublesome Restore ability. It will not attack until inspected. The green Crystalbug does not give any Experience Points, but does give 10 License Points.

The Crystalbug must be attacked consecutively, as otherwise it will resort to using Restore to heal itself with 30% of its HP.

The player can steal from the Crystalbug, leave the room, return and steal again to farm for Feystones.


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