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The Crystal Temple is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. Before the events of the Crimson Moon, many people from Rebena Te Ra would pray for the Crystal there. On the final floor players will fight three bosses, and they are Cu Chaspel, Galdes and the last, The Great Galdes.

Every time a boss is defeated, players have a chance to rest and prepare for the next fight. After defeating Galdes, the Crystal Temple becomes the Lunite Temple and is host to several older bosses that the player must fight with each character separately.


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Crystal Temple[]

Note: Items marked with a * are one-time only.

Normal Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (V)*
  • HP Boost*
  • ATK Boost*
  • MAG Boost*
  • Raise Pocket*
  • Dark Weapon Recipe
  • Celestial Wpn. Recipe
  • Templar Helmet Recipe
  • Amphibian Head Recipe
  • Hellish Cap Recipe
  • Amphibian Body Recipe
  • Templar's Armor Recipe
  • Hellish Rainment Recipe
  • Braid of Time Recipe
  • Braid of Old Recipe
  • Airy Jewelry Recipe
  • Miracle Cloth Recipe
  • White Marble Recipe
  • Refined Diamond Recipe
Hard Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (L)*
  • HP Boost*
  • ATK Boost*
  • MAG Boost*
  • Raise Pocket*
  • 800 gil
  • Amphibian Hat Scroll
  • Amphibian Suit Scroll
  • Bad Captain Hat Scroll
  • Bestest Ladle Scroll
  • Citrine
  • Dark Orb
  • Extreme Cloth Scroll
  • Garb of Darkness Scroll
  • Garment of Hope Scroll
  • Hellacious Hat Scroll
  • Hellacious Cloak Scroll
  • Helm of Darkness Scroll
  • Holy Orb
  • Housepet's Weapon Scroll
  • Lil' Yella Fella Scroll
  • Magic Sphere
  • Magic Stone
  • Monarch's Helm Scroll
  • Onyx
  • Petite Amethyst
  • Petite Citrine
  • Petite Onyx
  • Possessed Armor Scroll
  • Possessed Helm Scroll
  • Refined Citrine Scroll
  • Refined Emerald Scroll
  • Royal Hvy. Armor Recipe
  • Sea Captain Suit Scroll

Lunite Temple[]

1st Playthrough
  • Moogle Stamp (R)*
2nd Playthrough
  • Moogle Stamp (U)*


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