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The Crystal Temple.

The Crystal Temple (クリスタルの神殿, Kurisutaru no Shinden?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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The King of Lux sends Aigis and his students when a disturbance from the Lux crystal is sensed. The party arrives at the temple, finding that the crystal is crying out. They encounter the Watchbeast, unaware at the time that it was protecting the crystal from Elgo. Sol's party is unable to defeat the beast, and four strangers infiltrate the temple to steal the crystal.


The Generals Approach[]

A Dragon's Love[]

Second Sight[]

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The Crystal shatters, causing an enormous earthquake. Cid tells his airship crew to move away from the area as the warp in the magnetic field would ultimately cause the airship's demise. Nacht wakes up on the left side of the Crystal Temple's fissure, surrounded by miniaturized Crystals and unconscious bodies, wondering just what exactly happened to the Temple. He wakes up the unconscious Glaive, Alba and Diana with humorous results due to his dead-pan responses. As they attempt to leave the Crystal room, the Crystals begin to shimmer, granting the party their powers. With the power of the crystal in tow and new companions, the party makes their way out of the temple, only to discover they are in an entirely new world.

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Sol's party[]

Item Place
Phoenix Down 1F
Antidote 1F
Feathered Cap 1F
Bronze Hauberk 1F
Bronze Helm 2F
600 Gil 2F
Bronze Armor 2F
Potion 3F
Pointy Hat 3F
Tent 3F
Metal Claw 4F
Rod 4F

Nacht's party[]

Item Place
Iron Helm 1F
Iron Armor 1F (Secret Passage)
Tent 1F
Phoenix Down 1F
Ether 3F
Headband 3F
Main Gauche 4F


Musical theme[]

"Crystal Shrine" is the song that plays in the temple.


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