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The crystal pillar.

A crystal that causes the Lunar Cry by producing a strong energy field between the planet and the moon. It's believed to have originated in the moon. The Crystal Pillar responds to a specific location on the planet, and sends a strong directional signal. More research is required to analyze this process in detail.

Crystal Pillar - FFVIII Info Corner

The Crystal Pillar is a large crystal structure in Final Fantasy VIII that originates from the moon, and is believed to have fallen on the planet with a Lunar Cry.


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Inside the Lunatic Pandora, there's this thing called a 'Crystal Pillar'. It calls monsters from the moon.

Zell explains the Crystal Pillar.

It is unknown how old the Crystal Pillar is. The Crystal Pillar has the power to trigger Lunar Cry, because of the energy field it creates between the planet and the moon. The pillar was discovered by the Estharians, who set up the Centra Excavation Site to unearth it. The pillar was placed inside a mobile fortress known as the Lunatic Pandora to be moved to Esthar for research purposes.

Sorceress Adel's plan was to turn Lunatic Pandora into a weapon. The only known instance of Esthar having used Lunatic Pandora to trigger Lunar Cry was on the Trabia mountains, leaving a deep crater that is visible during the game as well as making it impossible to cross the mountains to Esthar on Garden.

After Laguna disposed of Sorceress Adel and became the ruler of Esthar, Lunatic Pandora was deemed too dangerous and was subsequently sunk in the ocean. During the Garden War, Sorceress Ultimecia (while possessing Rinoa), tells Seifer to acquire it and Crystal Pillar is resurrected by the Galbadians. It is then used to initiate a Lunar Cry over Esthar to assist in Sorceress Ultimecia's schemes.

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