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Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm is a turn-based strategy game set in Ivalice and released on iOS. Like the original Crystal Defenders, it featured jobs from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Service for this title ended August 31, 2017. As Vanguard Storm was never updated for modern hardware, compatibility is limited to a maximum of iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 5/5c and earlier). It is also no longer possible to download the game or purchased content.[1]


Bigsa Greenlands Battle

Battle in Bisga Greenlands.

Gameplay is similar to a turn-based strategy game except that the turns have time limits of which the player can re-position as many units as the time allows. The aim is to defeat the waves of incoming enemies before they reach the right side of the screen of which they will gradually progress towards.

Defeating each wave of enemies will bring up the results screen which will show the player's current score and any bonus points received.


Vanguard Storm Map Selection

The Map select screen.

There are ten different maps each with a varying number of waves. Each map must be completed before the player is able to move onto the next one. Maps are accessible via the map select screen, the map select screen also displays a description of each map and the current high score for that map.




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