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But the one crystal that denied all our theories survived, and exists even today.

The Crystal Core is a unique Crystal in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It, like most Crystals, is a translucent turquoise gem that holds great power, but is completely different than its peers.


Sole Survivor[]

Two thousand years ago, Larkeicus developed technology which required Crystals to function. His new machines made the general public lives much easier, and so everyone worshiped Larkeicus as a scholarly god and clamored for more Crystals to be harvested to power Larkeicus's creations. From his palace, the inventor oversaw a world that grew luxurious and lazy, all at the Crystals' expense.

Eventually, the Crystals were overused to a point where they began to disappear from the world. People previously used to a life of Crystal-driven ease became frightened as Larkeicus's inventions began to fail for lack of energy. Great wars were waged over the few remaining Crystals, yet these, too, began to fade into nothingness. Enraged, the public turned against Larkeicus, just as a new Crystal revealed itself in the Forest.

This was the Crystal Core, but rather giving salvation to the stricken machines of Larkeicus's civilization, it acted as a sort of "anti-crystal". The Crystal Core could not be used to power machines, and in fact negated their effects completely.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that the crystal core was created by the true Sherlotta to thwart the plans of Larkeicus, and to make her immortal.


It was worse than useless. It was as if it existed just to negate my master's work.


The Hero must travel alone through the forest and reach the Crystal Core in order to complete the traditional sixteenth birthday rite.


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