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A Crystal Caravan setting off.

Crystal Caravanners are groups of adventurers in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Their purpose is to gather Myrrh for their town or kingdoms Crystal each year, in order to repel the poisonous Miasma.


The shattered crystal's shards warded off miasma, but they still needed the water. Thus began the journey of the crystal caravan.

Crystal Caravanners journeys began after the arrival of the Meteor Parasite that spread Miasma across the world. Crystals were the only thing able to repeal the poisonous mist, but the effect would only last for about a year before it needed Myrrh to replenish its effect to ward off Miasma.

So each town and settlement would send off groups of adventurers in Caravans, to collect Myrrh drops from Myrrh trees found within dungeons. With them they would take the Crystal Chalice, which was not only used to collect the Myrrh drops but protect the Caravanners from the Miasma.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

Grab to embark on a dangerous journey. For all Tribes.

Body Armor description

In Ring of Fates, while the game takes place before the original, there is a Body Armor called the Caravan Clothes.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King[]

In My Life as a King, Hugh Yurg was the leader of the Caravan in the old homeland of King Leo. The Caravan failed during one of their journeys and their old homeland was destroyed by Miasma.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In the 2016 edition of The Rising event, a traveling puppet troupe known as the "Crystal Caravan" was the focus of the quests. However, this appearance does not keep the Crystal Chronicles concept of the Caravan as their members are just artists.