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The Crystal Shard in Layle's cheek shines when he uses his power.

Crystal Bearers are a group of people in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. They are people with magically infused pieces of Crystal inside their bodies that grant each Bearer a specific magical power triggered through mental focus, sometimes using physical movements to facilitate telekinetic control over this power. A Bearers' magic power is somewhat unique for each one of them, ranging from the control of a specific element of nature to the ability to reshape matter and even the power to bend time or space. The concept alludes to the Warriors of Light. In the later translations of the original Final Fantasy, the King of Cornelia also refers to the Warriors of Light as "crystal bearers".


Usually Crystal Bearers are born with their powers, but Jegran became a Crystal Bearer after an accident with a Crystal Reactor causing his arm to crystallize and his own powers to develop. Crystal Bearers appeared soon after the destruction of the Yuke Crystal, and the subsequent disappearance of the Yuke tribe. They never appeared in large enough numbers to unite, so most Crystal Bearers did as they pleased with their powers.

With Arcane Arts declared illegal after the war with the Yukes, it stood to reason that magic users of any kind were threats to society and Crystal Bearers were discriminated against by the majority of the populace because of that. As Jegran theorized, Crystal Bearers are chosen by the Crystal Principle for a noble purpose, which he believed only he was accomplishing. Jegran also uncovered that Crystal Reactors can greatly enhance a Bearer's powers.

Known Bearers[]

  • Layle: Controls the power of gravity. His crystal shard is embedded in his right cheek.
  • Amidatelion: Has the power to create portals through which they can summon monsters, as well as avoid or redirect attacks, and even cross dimensions. Their crystal is embedded in their spine.
  • Blaze: Has pyrokinetic powers. His crystal is in his right eye.
  • Jegran: He has the power of crystallization. His crystal completely covers his right forearm.
  • Althea: Bearing an emblem shaped crystal above her chest, little is known of her powers, other than her ability to create defenses against any attack on herself or others.