Crystal or ????, also know as Seal Guardian in the RPGe fan-translation, and not named in battle in the Anthology translation, is a boss in Final Fantasy V.

The Crystals are not named in the original Super Famicom and PlayStation versions, displaying their names blanked in the battle UI. In the Game Boy Advance and mobile/Steam versions they are called "????" in battle and "Crystal" in the bestiary.

Stats[edit | edit source]





Battle[edit | edit source]

The battle has four Crystals: the top one is Fire-elemental, the right Water-elemental, the left Wind-elemental, and the bottom is Earth-elemental. Each fights with normal attacks and after losing a significant amount of HP they use a high level attack of their corresponding element that damages all targets: Crystal of Fire uses Firaga, Crystal of Wind uses Aeroga, Crystal of Water uses Aqua Breath, and Crystal of Earth uses Earth Shaker.

The Crystals are not Heavy type like most bosses and are not immune to Instant Death or Death Claw.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A quick way to defeat the Crystals is to learn Aeroga for a Blue Magic, summon Golem, and then use Zeninage. The player should target the Wind Crystal to put it below 3,000 health, and after it uses Aeroga, use Gil Toss again.

If the player took the trouble to acquire Death Sickle(s) in Bartz's World, the party members that can wield axes can potentially OHKO the Crystals one by one. This can be bit of a gamble, especially when done with Berserkers, as the Death Sickle has merely a 33% chance of inflicting instant death and the player cannot control Berserker actions. There is a risk that the Berserkers damage the Crystals too evenly, which may lead to multiple of the Crystals using their high level elemental attacks and devastating the party. This can be mitigated by utilizing the Mini status on the Berserkers, inflicted by either White Magic or the nearby Mini Magicians that cast Lilliputian Lyric.

In the Cloister of the Dead in the Advance and later remakes, when fighting the Crystals again, the player may opt to use Odin to instantly kill all four at once.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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