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Cryonade is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Greyshire Glacial Grotto maze. They can also be encountered during the World of Ruin main quest, floating around the area outside Galdin Quay.


Bomb packed well into the ice of the glacial grotto, which has preserved and augmented it a bitter daemon with absolute zero warmth.
Size: 5.02 ft. Weight: 2,177.5 lb.



Cryonade in the World of Ruin from FFXV

Cryonade is a stronger version of the ice bomb, though it is weak to different weapon types: machinery and firearms. They are weak to Fire-elemental attacks and use Ice-elemental magic attacks capable of inflicting Frozen status. Like all bomb-type enemies, Cryonade continually grows (though attacking them will briefly prevent them from growing). Upon reaching its maximum size, it will charge the party and explode, causing massive damage across the whole party, and leaving behind another cryonade and three ice bombs. Occasionally, cryonade can grow before combat is initiated. The ice bombs cryonades spawn die when the cryonade is defeated.

Cryonades abound in the Greyshire Glacial Grotto menace dungeon, and the penultimate floor has four faced simultaneously.


Cryonade in Greyshire Glacial Grotto Maze in FFXV

Character-swapping to Ignis lets him use powerful fire-elemental dagger attacks, and Ignis also has a Technique that bestows the element the target is weak to on Noctis's weapon. Fire magic from elemancy can engulf entire groups of bombs. They can be destroyed with the Ring of the Lucii, but it can be difficult to wield successfully against multiple creatures.

As bombs' attacks are magical, equipping for high Spirit mitigates damage from their attacks, but they damage can be lowered more, or even avoided altogether, with elemental protection against Ice. Prompto should wear his Tundra Attire, if available, unless the player has eaten meals that nullify elemental damage: Steamed Crab with Rock Salt at Galdin Quay, Maagho Lasagna at Maagho, and Grilled Mighty Barramundi, Lasagna al Forno and Oak-Smoked Devil Gar at camp, for perfect immunity, or Green Smoothie at Wiz Chocobo Post for 90% damage reduction. The Feast of the Divine also gives immunity to Ice and is available since the beginning of the game as of patch 1.27.


  • The official guide erroneously lists bomb-type enemies as dropping elemental protection accessories rather than car paint pigment materials. The guide also lists them as taking 4x damage from fire, whereas the in-game bestiary says 3x.

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