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Cry in the Night.

Cry in the Night (真夜中の叫び, Mayonaka no Sakebi?, lit. Midnight Cry) is a Blue Bullet spell in Final Fantasy X-2.

One of the toughest to learn, it is taught by an Oversouled Mega Tonberry while it is in HP Critical health. An Oversouled Mega Tonberry can actually be easier to defeat than a regular one, as it will not use Chef's Knife every move. Cry in the Night deals large non-elemental magic damage to all enemies and takes 80 MP to cast.

It is the only Blue Bullet ability that can be used outside of Gun Mage dressphere by means of Lady Luck's Random Reels by chaining three flower icons.

The attack uses the same animation as Seymour Guado's Overdrive, Requiem, from Final Fantasy X.