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Crux is a minor character in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. A fairy marionette brought to life by Oscha, Crux's job is to spy on Kaze, Yu and Ai Hayakawa, and Lisa. She will then report her findings to Oscha or whichever of the Lords of Gaudium is around.

Crux's entire vocabulary is made up of "kukuruyu", though the Lords seem to understand her. The Gaudium Lords treat her as a tool, rather than a helper, except for Makenshi, whom she develops feelings for as the series progresses.


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Crux is first seen in "Magun: Man of the Black Wind", the second episode of the series, in which Oscha animates a marionette, names it Crux and sends it to spy on the protagonists. She is often seen flying overhead, watching the protagonists or relaying information to the Gaudium Lords. Her presence is usually the herald of the presence of one of her Lords.

As the series progresses she is seen becoming friendlier and friendlier towards Makenshi, and begins to assist him rather than follow Oscha order to spy to the protagonists, as seen when she spread the mold through Fungus's world to allow Kaze to destroy him.

In the climax she is openly shaken when she sees Makenshi impaled on his own sword, though after Oscha's urgings she fulfills his orders by dumping Makenshi's and Kaze's mist and Soil into Chaos. Though as the protagonists begin to fight back, she betrays her former masters by presenting Makenshi with a single mist bottle that she refused to deposit into Chaos.

After the battle, Crux carried Makenshi away and tended to his wounds. She later becomes his traveling companion. Crux was damaged by Crux Number-2 when she found Madoushi's grave. Crux received a gem from Makenshi's older brother Madoushi, which contains Madoushi's entire power, from his grave. From this Makenshi learns the mist powers of his brother, and Crux is able to transform into the Cross Sword, Makenshi's secondary weapon.

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Crux is the smallest of the 88 modern constellations, but is one of the most distinctive. Its name is Latin for cross, and it is dominated by a cross-shaped asterism that is commonly known as the Southern Cross.