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The Crushatrice is a species of monster and a specific monster in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They are capable of flight despite their extreme girth, and know a variety of devastating moves, many of which involve jumping into the air and crushing unfortunate foes.

The Crushatrice species take up a 3x3 tile area and are unable to move or jump. They have a huge HP stat and often know the Absorb Damage Passive skill, further increasing their vitality. Crushatrice have smaller brethren, the Cockatrice species.


FFTA2 Crushatrice.png

A cockatrice of prodigious size. It uses its massive bulk as a weapon.

A particular Crushatrice named Klesta is one of the first enemies encountered, and has a penchant for fleeing battles when it is low on health, much to the dismay of House Bowen.

Mamatrice FFTA2.png

This variety of cockatrice is covered in snow white feathers. A rare bird, seldom seen.

The Mamatrice Tuis is involved in a string of sidequests concerning poaching of endangered animals.

Cerayn FFTA2.png

Glistening black plumage covers this monster. It rips and tears into all those who would do it harm.

The only Cerayn is found on Brightmoon Tor's final watch.


Monster Move Jump Evasion Resilience Weak Half Null Absorb
Crushatrice 0 0 0 65
Mamatrice 0 0 0 65
Cerayn 0 0 0 65



Ability MP Range Crushatrice Mamatrice Cerayn
Fortify 0 Self Yes Yes Yes
Raises Attack power.
Peck 0 Front of user Yes Yes Yes
Deals damage extending from the user.
Devour 0 3 sq. width line in front of user Yes Yes Yes
Deals damage in a large area in front of user.
Territorial Marking 0 7 Yes Yes Yes
Deals area damage.
Piston Drop 0 All Yes No Yes
Bounces around field, damaging all foes.


Crushatrice is a portmanteau of "crush" and "cockatrice." The Cockatrice is a creature from mythology. It is similar to the basilisk in appearance and ability, but also possesses flight. A cockatrice is born from an egg hatched by a rooster and incubated by a toad, and its gaze causes instant petrification.