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I shall excise the sin of your existence!


The Crown of the Immaculate is the second trial of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This fight takes place on the top of Mt. Gulg against the final Lightwarden: Innocence.



Traversing the body of the giant Talos, born of the collective hopes of the realm's peoples, you have carved a path to Vauthry's sanctuary. There, you corner the unrepentant Vauthry, who declares his intent to expunge you and rule over creation as an immaculate being. At struggle's end, will man live a waking dream in a false paradise, or will he live a painful existence in a harsh reality, yet be free to follow his own heart? Beneath a blazing sky, the battle for the fate of the world will unfold...

In-game description


The esteemed Lord Vauthry believed himself to be without flaw or sin─the embodiment of glorious perfection in innocence. Needless to say, he was not, but he nevertheless made for a tremendous opponent. Upon hearing of how you and your comrades claimed victory atop Mt. Gulg, the minstreling wanderer was immediately driven into a fit of inspired creativity, and the result is yet another composition that will send even the most unimaginative Warrior of Darkness hurtling into the depths of memory that they might once more do battle with Eulmore's fallen tyrant.

In-game description


Then you will suffer! Yes! That will be your punishment!

Vauthry upon summoning adds


The battle takes place against Vauthry now known as Innocence.

  • Realmrazer- Raid wide damage
  • Heavenly Host- Innocence will summon sin eater adds that the tanks will need to pick up.
  • Daybreak- AoE circles appear on the ground.
  • Sinspheres- Meteor circles appear on the ground, one person in each circle reduce the damage.
  • Enthrall- Look away from the boss to avoid getting confused.
  • Guiding Light- Gives Adds new abilities

At 40% the boss will move to one edge of the arena and deal raid wide damage with Exalted Wings, at the end of this transition he will use Exalted Runes, and knockback and stun players. After this Vauthry will transform into his sin eater form.

In this form Innocence will get new abilities.

  • Righteous Bolt- Tankbuster
  • Winged Reprobation- Light swords will appear on the arena and long column AoE attacks will appear from the weapons. The other half of this mechanic will spawn a turning blade in the middle of the arena, players can move along with the blade or position themselves in the gaps.
  • Rightful Reprobation- Long column AoE's that shoot from the cardinal and intercardinal directions. once the attack goes off, it will go off again in a few seconds in the same pattern.
  • Shadowreaver- Deal raid wide damage.

At one point in the fight Innocence will be Invulnerable, and adds will spawn tethering to a Forgiven Venery, players must kill the add that is tethered to the middle add. Once the adds are down Innocence will deal heavy raid wide damage with Flaming Sword.

  • God Ray- Conal AoE's that grow in size.
  • Light Pillar- Line-up marker on targeted player.
  • Beatific Vision- Boss moves to the edge of the arena and deals proximity damage from the center.
  • Drop of Light- Large AoE circle markers on players.


This fight skips Innocence's first form. Shortly after being pulled, he will begin casting Shadowreaver, dealing heavy raid-wide damage. Two non-tanks will be tethered by a variation of Winged Reprobation that will be marked by two swords. These two players must run to the opposite end of the arena where the swords are. Once Winged Reprobation finishes casting, the swords will launch in a line and split three ways into a cross formation, which can be avoided by moving diagonally. Following that, Innocence will begin casting Righteous Bolt, a magic tankbuster which deals a lightning down debuff, requiring a tank swap. He will follow with a tethered Winged Reprobation on two non-tanks again. He will follow up by casting Rightful Reprobation in a "bowtie" AoE pattern across the edge of the map. The swords will shoot back to their original positions shortly after, and are not marked by line AoEs. Innocence will cast a three-pronged, rotating Winged Reprobation that will rotate counter-clockwise, followed by Drop of Light markers on two random players. He will follow with Righteous Bolt again, followed by a tethered Winged Reprobation and Rightful Reprobation from the cardinal and inter-cardinal directions, and then finally a Light Pillar stack marker. He will then cast both the tethered and two-pronged Winged Reprobation, with the latter rotating clockwise. There is a gap in the rotating Winged Reprobation.

In the adds phase, Innocence will become untargetable and will spawn two Forgiven Venery adds and one Forgiven Shame add. Both tanks must split between the two Venery adds while keeping them apart, while everyone else must target the Shame add, which deals raid-wide damage using Scold's Bridle, so kill it quickly then move onto the Venery adds. If all three adds are killed, all players should stack in the middle facing north and Innocence will cast Flaming Sword.

The tanks should drag Innocence back to the middle. He will cast Starbirth, spawning three stars in the intercardinal directions. If any of Innocence's AoEs touch these stars, they will explode and deal heavy damage. Head to the intercardinal without a star and he will cast Shadowreaver and pop them. He will follow with a three-pronged Winged Reprobation and a Rightful Reprobation, followed by a Beatific Vision from a random cardinal. Dodge the swords and run away from him parallel to the edges of the arena. Innocence will then spawn two stars in opposite quadrants, and two players will be marked with Drop of Light and must take them out of the middle. Another set of Drop of Light will begin casting, followed by a Light Pillar, which must be pointed away from the stars, then he will teleport to a cardinal for Beatific Vision. Run to the edges to avoid the explosions and adjust depending on where the stars are. He will follow with a Rightful Reprobation that covers a quadrant of the arena, then God Ray. There will be safe spots in the cone AoEs, though players must also dodge his Rightful Reprobation swords as they come back. He will then cast Starbirth again, spawning four stars. The tanks should drag him between two stars while dodging Winged Reprobation swords (these do not trigger Starbirth). He will then cast Light Pillar on a random player, requiring them to aim at a star to create a safe zone. Stack close to Innocence and when done correctly, the star will go off, and everyone must head to the safe zone as he casts Shadowreaver.

From this point on, the mechanics just repeat themselves. If the party takes too long to defeat him, he will spawn four stars and will begin a ten-second Beatific Vision cast, signifying his enrage.


  • Innocence
  • Forgiven Venery
  • Forgiven Shame


The achievement for defeating Innocence in The Crown of the Immaculate is titled "Warden of Light" after completing the quest and grants players the "Enemy of Innocence" title. In The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme) achievement is titled "Proven Guilty".

Musical themes[]


The theme that plays during this fight is "Insanity".

Behind the scenes[]

The Crown of the Immaculate's hard mode is the only trial to feature an item level sync. This is because its level requirement of 79 allows the use of level 80 (the Shadowbringers level cap) characters, who can drastically overpower the trial as they acquire endgame equipment. The item level sync prevents them from trivializing the encounter. This same adjustment was crucially not made to the similar Cape Westwind, a level 49 trial that often sees level 50 (the A Realm Reborn level cap) characters beating it in seconds.