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Crowe grew up an orphan on the outskirts of Lucis. Her rare gift for magic earned her a place in the Kingsglaive. Her fellow soldiers are the only family she knows.
—Official description

Crowe Altius is a character in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and one of the eponymous Kingsglaive's female members.



Crowe is a young woman with long brown hair loosely tied up in a bun and brown eyes. She wears the female Mage variation of the Kingsglaive uniform: a jacket made of black leather, a form-hugging sleeveless black bodysuit that has a zipper running down the torso and an intersecting chain in between her collarbone joined by a red gemstone, black pants, and thigh high black boots. A black belt appears around Crowe's waist that holds her dagger, and fingerless gloves made of red leather cover her hands along with arm warmers. A cape with a red interior hangs from Crowe's shoulders. Crowe's plainclothes are a brown jacket with a camo print on the shoulders. She also dons a green top underneath, dark blue jeans, an orange belt, black boots, fingerless gloves and has a storage pack fastened to her right thigh.

Crowe's theme color is orange.[2]


Crowe is a loyal member of the Kingsglaive who cares deeply for her fellow soldiers. She sees them as her family, although she grows tired of hearing Libertus Ostium say she is like a little sister to him.


Crowe is an exceptionally gifted wielder of magic. With the help of her fellow Glaives, she can summon fiery tornadoes to combat her enemies.


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What a life, huh? She was brought up an orphan, run out of her village. I still remember the first time I saw her: scrawny little thing, all covered in dirt, not a friend in the world…But those eyes. Damn. There was something about those eyes. She deserved better.
—Libertus Ostium, on Crowe's early life.

Crowe grew up an orphan on the outskirts of Lucis. She was forced out of her village by Niflheim and allowed to join the Kingsglaive when she showed skill with magic.

All that fighting we did…all for nothing.
—Crowe, as she watches a news report on the ceasefire declared between Lucis and Niflheim.

Alongside her fellow Glaives, Crowe fights the combined forces of Niflheim and Tenebrae on the outskirts of Lucis. She teams up with some of her comrades to summon a fiery tornado, and when the enemy unexpectedly retreats, she returns to Insomnia. The next evening, Crowe rendezvouses with Nyx Ulric, Libertus Ostium, Luche Lazarus, and Pelna Khara for a drink.

The following day, Crowe learns a ceasefire has been declared between Lucis and Niflheim. She is sent by Titus Drautos on a classified mission to escort Princess Lunafreya Nox Fleuret out of Tenebrae. Crowe has a gift for the princess, a hairpin traced with Crowe's watch. Just outside Insomnia, Crowe is shot and killed by an unseen assailant in a van. A pair of homeless men find her corpse. Nyx and Libertus mourn her death which later causes the latter to bitterly defect from the Glaive and blames Lucis for the tragedy. Drautos passes on Crowe's effects to Nyx, the hairpin and watch among them, which later allow Nyx to locate Lunafreya.

During the fall of Insomnia, Crowe's murderer is revealed to be none other than Luche.

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Creation and developmentEdit


A wig used as reference for Crowe's hair.

The likeness of Andrea Tivadar is used to portray Crowe. Tivadar also serves as the character's motion capture artist.


In the Japanese version of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Crowe is voiced by Ayumi Fujimura. In the film's English version, she is voiced by Alexa Kahn.

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE 645 Crowe

Crowe is a character and summonable vision whose job is listed as Kingsglaive. Her Trust Master reward is the Thirst for Survival special ability.



Altius is the neuter singular form of the term altior, which means "higher" or "deeper" in Latin.


Crowe eats Semur Skewers in Kingsglaive FFXV

Semur Skewers in Kingsglaive.

  • The Semur Skewers dish Crowe has at Yamachang's street food joint is Galahdian cuisine that was added into Final Fantasy XV as a food the party can eat.

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