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The Crocodile, also known as the GATOR in the Nintendo Entertainment System, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It appears in rivers all along the world, normally appearing in groups of one to two Hydras and one to three crocodiles. It is not a difficult enemy, however, they often appear in groups of more than one Crocodile, and one or two Hydras, that are more difficult. While defeatable, they are there for a reason: while the Warriors of Light head to Mount Gulg or the Cavern of Ice, they must travel trough a maze of rivers. If the player does not know beforehand where he/she is going, they may find that constant groups of these creatures, its palette swaps, White Croc, or the Piranhas, will slowly wear down the party's strength. A large amount of Crocodiles can easily deplete a Mage's HP if not dispatched quickly.


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Captain N: The Game MasterEdit

Captain N - Gator

Three gators are swimming in the moat of Astos Castle. All three try to catch Pit and Megaman as they fly by within their reach.

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