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Zack in critical status in Crisis Core.

For the term used for inflicting higher damage than usual, see critical hit.
For the status that leaves a character near-death, see HP Critical.

Critical, also known as Clairvoyant, is a recurring status in the series that makes all of the target's hits deal double damage.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Cait Sith's Limit Break Lucky Girl allows all party members to deal critical hits every time they attack, whether it be a regular physical attack, a command attack such as Slash-All, or a Limit Break. The Lucky Girl is a possible combination in Cait Sith's Level 2 Limit Break, Slots, and is executed by lining up three heart symbols.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Critical status can be achieved in various means, either from the Lucky Stars Limit Break executed by lining up three Cissnei portraits during Modulation Phase, by rolling the combination of 6-6-6 in the Digital Mind Wave reels (without a Modulation Phase), or by equipping the Sniper Rifle or Genji Glove accessories.

Final Fantasy X[]

Rikku's mixes, Hero and Miracle Drink, give either one or all party members the critical status boosting the targets' critical hit rate.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Lady Luck learns the ability Critical that makes all of the character's attacks deal critical damage. Lady Luck can learn the ability for 160 AP after learning Felicity. Samurai can also learn SOS-Critical.

In the International and HD Remaster versions, the Garment Grids Peerless and Last Resort bestow the Critical status when Yuna, Rikku or Paine pass the red or green gate respectively. The Critical auto-ability can also be given to creatures if they are either equipped with the Peerless Garment Grid or if they are fed a Hero Drink.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Critical causes all attacks to deal critical hits. It is granted by Ignis's Overwhelm technique to Noctis for its duration, or the entire party for the critical version. The Ascension node Savior's Vengeance makes Rescue grant Critical for 30 seconds.

The Clairvoyant status is gained from certain foods and provides the same effect for the party. The recipes that yield it are Marrowshroom Chowder, Golden Tail Soup and Scientia-Style Sushi.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The Party Host's Pot Luck ability has a chance to bestowing the party with a status that makes all of their physical attacks critical hits. The chance of the ability being used is random.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Various Soul Breaks can increase the critical hit rate of the party's physical attacks, usually up to 50%. However, Cloud's Ultra Soul Break, Ultra Cross Slash, guarantees that all physical attacks will become critical hits.