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Automatically cast Shell when near KO.

Final Fantasy V description

Critical: Shell (ピンチにシェル, Pinchi ni Sheru?), also known as Magic Shell, MagiWall, and SOS Shell, is a recurring support ability in the series. It grants the Shell status as long as the user is in Critical HP or below a HP threshold.


Final Fantasy V[]

Magic Shell (MagiWall on the PS) is inherent to the Mystic Knight class, and can be used by the Freelancer class without having to equip it after Mystic Knight is mastered. It is learned for 10 AP from the Mystic Knight class and can then be equipped to any job the character has. Mimic mimes Magic Shell if it was the last action taken in the battle.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Critical: Shell is the innate ability of the Barrier Ring. The status will remain even after the user has left critical HP and will act as normal.

Final Fantasy X[]

Casts Shell when HP is low.


SOS Shell is an ability that can either be obtained on dropped armor or customized onto armor by using 8x Lunar Curtain, which adds 4,000 gil to the armor's sell value.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

SOS Shell is an ability only usable through the use of the Selene Guard Garment Grid, and will grant the Shell status as long as the user is below 33% of their Max HP.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Critical: Shell is a passive ability which grants Shell to a character with low HP (30% of max HP or lower). It can only be acquired through the use of an Auric Amulet accessory.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Aside of the standard Critical: Shell, a weaker version of the ability aptly named Critical: Weak Shell, also appears. While both abilities are triggered when the character's HP is at 30% of max HP or lower, Critical: Weak Shell provides lower resistance to magic damage than Critical: Shell. Critical: Shell is available through the accessories Auric Amulet and Durable Auric Amulet, while Critical: Weak Shell is exclusive to Delicate Auric Amulet.