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This page comprises the full text transcript of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

  • Names of speakers are transcribed verbatim. For example, "Angeal's Mother," as shown in the game, is used instead of her actual name.
  • The key words "upon" and "if" within parentheses indicate actions needed to be accomplished and conditions needed to be met by the player in order to unlock certain dialogue, respectively.
  • Dialogues of the same bullet hierarchy placed subsequently indicate every way the dialogue can go depending on the player's actions.
  • Optional dialogues are placed at the part of the transcript where they are at their respective earliest accessible times in the game.
  • Only new NPC dialogue are included in subsequent chapters.

Chapter 1[]

???(Mission control): Wutai troops have hijacked Shinra Express MK93 II. The train is currently headed to Midgar Sector 8. A SOLDIER operative will be inserted to neutralize the situation. We are to proceed as scheduled. Commence mission in 3 2 1 mark. Begin mission. Operative is ready for insertion.

???(Angeal): The train has been overrun by Wutai troops. Eliminate them and regain control of the train.

???(Zack): Oh yeah!

???(Angeal): Get serious!

(After the SOLDIER operative jumps on the train.)
???(Angeal): Zack!

(After Zack's companion jumps on the train.)
???(Angeal): Zack, focus! There are no Shinra troops on this train. Understood?

(After Zack runs off and gets shot at by Wutai troops.)
Zack: Hello to you, too!

(As Zack runs towards the Wutai troops.)
Zack: Come and get it!

(As Zack lands back on the train.)
Zack: SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack, on the job!

(After Zack cuts off the train compartment filled with Wutai troops.)
???(Mission control): Train MK 93 II re-routed to Sector 1 Station near Mako Reactor 1. Proceed to mission phase 2 and change surveillance rank...

(As Zack answers the call on his phone.)
Zack: Zack speaking.

???(Angeal) (on the phone): Making progress, Zack?

Zack: What's going on, Angeal? Why are we fighting Shinra troops?

Angeal (on the phone): They're Wutai troops in disguise. Now, head to the open area above.

Zack: Towards Sector 8?

Angeal (on the phone): Yes. But first, you have to clear a path.

Zack: Clear a path?

Angeal (on the phone): You'll see what I mean. Be careful.

Zack So I can cut loose, right?

Angeal (on the phone): Use some discretion.

(After Zack ends the call.)
Zack: It's showtime!

(After the battle.)
Angeal (on the phone): Not too bad.

Zack: Piece of cake! I'll make 1st in no time!

Angeal (on the phone): Go up the stairs at the end of the platform.

Zack: You got it!

(After the battle with the Behemoth.)
???(Simulation of Sephiroth): Showing your back to the enemy... Overconfidence will destroy you.

(After Zack turns around.)
Zack: Wh-what is this?

(As Zack cross blades with the long-haired individual.)
Zack: Damn it, you're not the only hero!

???(Simulation of Sephiroth): It's over.

(After Zack gets bested by the individual.)
Angeal: Impossible!

(After Angeal stops the individual's katana from striking Zack.)
Zack: Thanks, Angeal.

(After Angeal ends the training simulation.)
Angeal: Training's over.

Zack: Wha? Why?

(After Angeal points Zack's broken blade at him.)
Zack: You serious? I was just getting warmed up!

(As Angeal heads toward the door.)
Angeal: Zack. Embrace your dreams.

Zack: Huh?

Angeal: If you want to be a hero you need to have dreams...and honor.

Zack: Huh.

Chapter 2: Embrace Your Dreams[]

Shinra Building - Briefing Room

???(Kunsel): Hey Zack, you seem a little on edge.

Zack: Can you blame me? All this training and no assignments. Like they're hanging me out to dry. You must be pretty busy with everyone off base.

???(Kunsel): Off-base? Wait, haven't you heard? There's been a mass desertion at SOLDIER.

(After Zack stops his workout.)
Kunsel: It appears one of the 1sts deserted. He took a bunch of 2nds and 3rds with him, too. Nobody knows why he left, or what he's up to. This mass desertion's the reason why your training's on hold.

(As Angeal approaches Zack and Kunsel.)
Kunsel: Heads up, a 1st!

Angeal: Zack, new assignment.

Zack: Woo! Finally! Some real action!

Angeal: This will be your show.

Zack: Yes!

Angeal: Report to Director Lazard. We'll give you the details.

(As Zack reports to Lazard.)
Lazard: Zack. It's good to finally meet face to face. Lazard, Director of SOLDIER.

(As Lazard shakes Zack's hand.)
Zack: Heya!

(After Lazard shakes Zack's hand.)
Zack: On to business.

(After Lazard opens the missing SOLDIER's profile.)
Lazard: SOLDIER 1st Class Genesis. A month ago, he went missing during a mission in Wutai. Know anything about this?

Zack: Not a clue!

Lazard: The mission is currently stuck in limbo. That's why we've decided to send you.

Zack: Uh, to Wutai?

Lazard: Yes. This war has gone on long enough.

Angeal (to Zack): I've recommended you for 1st.

Zack: Angeal! I love you man! Ang--

Angeal: Don't make me regret this, Zack.

Zack: Sir!

Angeal: Once you're packed, you'll leave at once.

(As Kunsel enters the room / Before talking to Kunsel for the first time.)
Angeal: The operation will begin immediately upon arrival at Wutai. If you have any questions about the assignment or combat in general, you should talk to the other SOLDIER operatives.

(After Zack approaches Kunsel.)
Kunsel: I'll tell you everything you need to know. The first thing you have to learn about is combat. You probably got a handle on it in training, but I sent you a mail explaining basic combat. You should give it a read.

(Upon talking to Lazard before heading to Wutai.)
Lazard: You will take over the assignment that was given to Genesis. Proceed to Wutai once you've made all the necessary preparations.

(Upon talking to Kunsel for the first time.)
Kunsel: So? Did you read the mail?

Zack: Oh, the tutorial mail...

(Upon saying "How do you read mail again?", a game prompt appears.)

(Upon saying "I read it all!")
Kunsel: Well, knowing you, you probably won't remember everything after one read.

Zack: That's not true...

Kunsel: Well, read it when you need to refresh your memory. It'll come in handy, I promise. By the way, the materia you were using in training have been confiscated. Powerful materia have to be earned on your own. Those are the SOLDIER rules.

(After Zack nods.)
Kunsel: The next thing you have to know about are the special tasks classified as "missions." Put simply, these are errands that the company assigns to SOLDIER operatives. To participate in missions, you have to register your personal information on the mission board. After you register, you can check missions on your handset. Come on, I'll show you how to register on the mission board.

(Upon talking to Angeal after talking to Kunsel for the first time before registering for missions.)
Angeal: Good grief... You haven't even registered for missions? Go do that now.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class before heading to Wutai.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Time is of the essence. Please complete your preparations swiftly.

(Upon talking to Kunsel before registering for missions.)
Kunsel: This is the mission board. Here, try registering yourself now.

(Upon registering for missions.)
Kunsel: Now that you're registered, you should try doing a mission.

Zack: Sounds like a good idea. I'll do that right now.

Kunsel: The Save Point is that way. If you're unsure about combat during missions, you should read the tutorial mail I sent you.

(Upon talking to Angeal after registering for missions before completing the first mission.)
Angeal: You want to do a few missions for practice? Alright, hurry up, then.

(After completing the first mission.)
Kunsel: Looks like you cleared a mission. Nice work.

Zack: It was so easy, I could have done it blindfolded!

Kunsel: Ha ha ha! You're the man, Zack. I'll be waiting to hear your exploits on this Wutai assignment. Oh, I almost forgot.

(After Kunsel walks toward the supply pods.)
Kunsel: I never explained these supply pods to you, did I? In this supply pods are items you can use in battle. The company sends them to us periodically.

Zack: I see. They're like provisions for SOLDIER members.

Kunsel: It'd be a shame to squander the company's good will. Check it out before you go on assignment. I wonder what they gave us this time?

(Upon talking to Angeal after completing the first mission before checking the supply pods.)
Angeal: Did you check the supply pods? You would be wise to take provisions when they're made available to you.

(Upon obtaining the item from the supply pod.)
Kunsel: All right, looks like you're ready to go. Lastly, I'll tell you about mail.

(After Kunsel sends a mail to Zack's handset.)
Kunsel: Just now, I sent a mail to your handset. We can exchange information this way. You can also get messages from Director Lazard and company news via mail. Check it regularly. And who knows--maybe you'll get mail from friends you make along the way.

(After Zack claps in excitement.)
Kunsel: But don't just read mail that you get from girls! Well, I guess that's everything. Looks like it's time for you to head out. You're going with Angeal, right? Good luck on the assignment!

Zack: Yeah! Thanks for all the information!

(Upon examining the supply pod again before heading to Wutai.)
Kunsel: Now Zack, don't get greedy. There's a limit to how much free stuff you can get. The company isn't stupid, you know.

(Upon re-examining the supply pod for the 20th time before heading to Wutai.)
Kunsel: Fine, fine, if you want items so badly, I'll give you what I got in my pod today.

(Upon talking to Angeal after claiming the item in the supply pod.)
Angeal: We have to leave for Wutai soon. Are you ready?

Zack: Um, preparations...?

(Upon selecting "Hold on a sec!", the dialogue will end.)

(Upon selecting "I'm all set!")
Lazard: I'll be joining you as well. I'm counting on you.

Zack: Sir!

Lazard: By the way, what is your dream? "To become 1st" it?

Zack: No... To become a hero!

Lazard: Ah, good! Unattainable dreams are the best kind.

Zack: Uh, thanks?

Mt. Tamblin - Mountain Path

(After arriving at Mount Tamblin.)
Angeal: Fort Tamblin is straight ahead. Let's hurry, B Unit is standing by.

Wutai Private: You two! Identify yourselves!

Zack: Just leave it to me!

(After the battle.)
Zack: All right, next!

Angeal: Calm down, Zack.

Zack No can do. The director is watching from somewhere, right? I have to make a good impression.

Angeal: Zack... Do you know about dumbapples?

Zack: No, what is that?

Angeal: Unbelievable... How can you not know about dumbapples? You'll never make 1st at that rate.

Zack: Whoa, wait! What are dumbapples!?

(Upon nearly reaching the end of the Mountain Path)
Zack: So Angeal, what's the deal with "dumbapples"?

Angeal: The official name is Banora White. The trees bear fruit at random times during the year. Because of that, the townspeople affectionately call them dumbapples. The local farms had plenty of them to spare.

Zack: Oh, really? So you stole them.

Angeal: We were poor, Zack.

Zack: Nice excuse!

Angeal: But even then, I had my honor. The largest Banora White tree grew on a wealthy man's estate. It was rumored that those apples tasted the best. But I never stole from that tree, because the wealthy man's son was my friend.

Zack: If he was a friend, you should have just asked for some!

Angeal: Honor can be quite a burden at times.

Zack: ...And what exactly does this have to do with me?

Angeal: No story is not worth hearing.

Zack: What? That's it? Yeah, well, thanks a lot!

Mt. Tamblin - Near Fort

Angeal: B Unit will set off an explosion. That's our cue.

Zack: The diversion will allow us to infiltrate.

Angeal: Right. I'll set the bomb inside the fortress. You'll charge the front gate, and...

Zack: Uh-huh, and? And? And? And?

Angeal: Indulge yourself.

Zack: You got it! That's what I do best! Come on, B Unit...

(After Angeal holds his broadsword to his head.)
Zack: You know, I've never actually seen you use that. Don't you think it's sort of a waste?

Angeal: Use brings about wear...tear...and rust. And that's a real waste.

Zack: You're serious, aren't you?

Angeal: Yeah. I can be pretty cheap.

Zack: Yeah, no kidding...

(After the explosion.)
Angeal: Begin mission.

(As Zack runs towards Wutai soldiers.)
Wutai Sergeant: No one passes beyond this point! The enemy is but one man! Obliterate him!

(After the battle.)
Zack: All right! Piece of cake!

Fort Tamblin - Corridor

(After Zack jumps down from the wall to the inside of the fort.)
Wutai Private: Enemy attack! It's SOLDIER! Don't let him get through!

(After the battle.)
Angeal (on the phone): Were you able to get inside the fortress?

Zack: Piece of cake! I could have done it blindfolded!

Angeal (on the phone): Don't get too careless. I've heard that the Wutai keep a large monster for anti-SOLDIER purposes. It should be somewhere inside Fort Tamblin.

Zack: If I take it out, do you think I'll make 1st?

Angeal: It depends on the quality of work. Your main duty is to draw the Wutai troops to you by running amok. Do that well, and the director will give you a favorable evaluation.

Zack: Oh, that'll be easy! Just leave it to me!

(Upon looking up at the first tower seen in the fort.)
Wutai Sergeant (1): To think one SOLDIER operative did this much damage to us... It seems I can no longer just sit back and watch.

(After the Wutai Sergeant jumps down from the tower.)
Wutai Sergeant (1): Ha!

(After Zack runs towards the Wutai Sergeant.)
Wutai Sergeant (1): Halt!

Wutai Sergeant (2): You'll pay for what you did to my men! I'll make sure you never leave this place alive!

Wutai Sergeant (3): He's no match for three Wutai sergeants! Let's take him out!

All 3 Wutai Sergeants (in unison): We'll show you the true power of Wutai!

(Upon emerging victorious from a battle after looking up at a tower for the first time.)
Lazard: We have new intel. Enemy troops have also been detected at the two towers within the fortress.

Zack: Well, that makes sense. I just took out one of those towers.

Lazard: You'll have to look for the other tower. Otherwise, the enemy can easily track your position.

(Upon moving further inside after the second battle in the fort.)
Wutai Private: There he is!

(Upon moving further inside after the fourth battle in the fort.)
Wutai Private: Open fire!

(Upon examining the revolving wall.)
Wutai Sergeant (to Wutai Privates): This way! Follow me!

(After the Wutai soldiers pass through the revolving wall.)
Wutai Sergeant: Attack if you dare, SOLDIER scum! You will fall by our hands! Huh? Where did he go? Sneaky little pest!

(After Zack approaches them.)
Wutai Sergeant: Ngh! What treachery!

(Upon emerging victorious from a battle after examining a revolving wall for the first time.)
Lazard (on the phone): This is Lazard. Enemy troops appear to be lurking in every corner. The fortress will not go down easily.

Zack: It appears that way. I was just assaulted while I was checking a revolving wall.

Lazard (on the phone): There may be similar traps set up at the other walls. Proceed with caution.

(Upon reaching the southeastern section of the corridor.)
Wutai Private: There he is!

(Upon looking up at the second tower seen in the corridor.)
Wutai Sergeant (1): SOLDIER operative sighted! He's under the tower!

Wutai Sergeant (2): So that's where you are! 38th Tamblin Unit, charge!

(Upon arriving at the long straight path in the eastern section of the corridor.)
Wutai Sergeant: We have to make our stand here! Ready! Aim! Fire! End of the line, SOLDIER! Reinforcements are coming! You can't escape!

Zack: What to do...

  • (Upon choosing "Charge!")
    Wutai Private: Sergeant! He's coming this way!

    Wutai Sergeant: Do not falter! Charge him!

    (After Zack charges at them and the Wutai Privates run away.)
    Wutai Sergeant: Tch! Damn you!

    (After the battle.)
    Wutai Sergeant: Long live the Wutai...

  • (Upon choosing "I'll find a different route.")
    (Upon approaching the nearest revolving wall by retracing the path.)
    Zack: Hm? I hear voices...

    Wutai Sergeant: In the name of Wutai, we must halt the enemy advance here.

    Wutai Private: Sir!

    Wutai Sergeant: Fort Tamblin will not fall to a paltry force like SOLDIER. The enemy could be lurking anywhere. Keep your eyes open. SOLDIER is a formidable foe. But to protect our homeland, we must stand against our enemies, no matter how powerful they may be. Even if it means our lives. Retreat is not in the Wutai dictionary! Huh!?

    (After the Wutai Sergeant sees Zack defeat the Wutai Privates behind him.)
    Wutai Sergeant: Retreat! Retreating is a part of military strategy!

(Upon defeating the enemies at the northernmost part of the corridor.)

  • (If not all discovered remnant forces are not defeated yet.)
    Lazard (on the phone): It appears, you're doing well, Zack. The enemy forces in Fort Tamblin have essentially been reduced to half. There are still some enemy units roaming about, but you can proceed to the central area if you like.

    Zack: What should I do?
    • (Upon choosing "I'll take out all the enemies here first!")
      Lazard: Understood. Search for the remaining enemy units and eliminate them quickly.
    • (Upon choosing "I'm gonna move in!")
      Lazard: Understood. Proceed further into the fortress. But be careful--the enemy is hurt, but not down.
  • (If all discovered remnant forces in the corridor are defeated.)
    Lazard (on the phone): Well done, Zack. We have successfully occupied Fort Tamblin. I was really only expecting you to get their attention. Most impressive I must say. I'm very pleased with the results thus far. Proceed to the next objective.

Fort Tamblin - Courtyard

Zack: Ah! That must be the central area!

(Upon examining the fountain.)
Zack: What's this?

Crescent Unit Captain: That is Wutai's greatest deity, Leviathan. We are the Crescent, the Wutai army's elite unit. We appease the wrath of Leviathan, and smite the enemies of Wutai. Our beloved homeland has been brutally ravaged by Shinra.

Zack: I heard that if we could process the mako here, it would help people live better lives. But then you attacked us without even hearing us out!

Crescent Unit Captain: What do you know of the pain we have suffered? Shinra has continually brought fear and oppression to the innocent people of Wutai!

Zack: ...

Crescent Unit Captain: I would like to ask you one last thing. Are you satisfied in using your immense power to serve an evil organization like Shinra? Does it bring you joy to torture innocent people?

Zack: That's not what I...

Crescent Unit Captain: If there is any remorse in your heart, then atone for your actions by joining our cause!

Zack: ...

Crescent Unit Captain: Of course, we cannot pay you much, but you can use your power in the name of justice!

Zack: Justice...? Is that really the case? Is it so terrible to provide mako to people and make their lives better? I don't know... But I chose to serve Shinra. Whatever happens, I have to stand by that decision.

Crescent Unit Captain: I was foolish to think I could reason with villains. For those of us born and raised in Wutai, losing our land is the same as losing our lives. Hence, I must eliminate you, as my last duty to the land. You will now witness the wrath of Wutai!

(After the battle.)
Crescent Unit Captain: Why do you not finish me?

Zack: I don't know. Not in the mood, I guess.

Crescent Unit Captain: As long as we breathe, we will continue to target Shinra. I day, I will have your head.

Zack: Fine, I'll be waiting.

(Upon approaching the stairs to the arena.)
???(Yuffie): One, avoid unnecessary training! Two, protect Wutai at all costs! Three, ugly Shinra SOLDIER dudes... ...must be PUNISHED!

Zack: Who are you?

Yuffie: I'm Wutai's greatest warrior! If you wanna go further, you have to go through me!

Zack: A kid...? You shouldn't be playing here, it's dangerous! Go home to your parents.

Yuffie: You're the one who's going home! If you insist on going any further, you'll have a fight on your hands!

Zack: Oh, man... What am I supposed to do here?

Yuffie: Whap! Pow! Bam! Take that, bad guy!

Zack: ... Arrrgh! Nooo! You got me!

Yuffie: There! That'll teach you to mess with me! Once again, I've brought peace to Wutai!

Zack: Boy oh boy... You gotta admire that energy... Well, back to work, I guess...

Fort Tamblin - Arena

Zack: You must be the anti-SOLDIER monsters I've been hearing about.

(After the battle.)
Zack: SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack, victorious once again!

Angeal (on the phone): Good work. Now, get out of there quickly. There's only 5 minutes until detonation.

Zack: Understood!

(After Zack turns off his phone.)
Zack: Director Lazard, are you watching? Gotta move!

(After a third Vajradhara crashes down.)
Zack: No time to play!

(After Zack gets thrown into a pillar.)
Zack: Not good...

(After Angeal deals the finishing blow on the Vajradhara.)
Angeal: That's one more you owe me. You lost your focus.

Zack: Uh, yeah? Oh, sorry if your sword got any wear, tear, or rust on it.

Angeal: You're a little more important than my sword. ...But just a little.

Zack: Thanks!

Mt. Tamblin - Animal Trail

Lazard: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm not used to being on site.

Angeal: You didn't have to come.

Lazard: This operation will bring an end to the war. I have to see it through personally. SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack.

Zack: Sir!

Lazard: You performed your duties admirably at Fort Tamblin. I saw it with my own eyes. Frankly, my evaluation of you is...

  • (If only 10 or a less number of enemy groups in the fort corridor are defeated.)
    Lazard: ... Thank goodness for you, Angeal! Were it not for your efforts, the operation would have failed. Ahh yes, how very fortunate that you were here!

  • (If 11 to 13 enemy groups in the fort corridor are defeated.)
    Lazard: You supported Angeal well by diverting the enemy. An acceptable level of work for a 2nd. Be ready for your next assignment.

    Angeal: Zack, do you know the difference between a 1st and a 2nd?

    (After Zack shrugs.)
    Angeal: A SOLDIER 1st Class performs above and beyond the call of duty at all times. Remember that.

  • (If 14 to 15 enemy groups in the fort corridor are defeated.)
    Lazard: You took out a lot of enemy units for us. You exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work, and perhaps the day you make 1st will not be far off. You were right, Angeal. He is quite a promising prospect.

    Angeal: Heh... This is just the beginning.

    Lazard: I can say this now, but when you first came to me with the recommendation, I was hesitant. I thought for sure that all he was good for was doing squats.

  • (If all 16 enemy groups in the fort corridor are defeated.)
    Lazard: You are a frightening individual. Not any man could annihilate an entire enemy force by himself.

    Angeal: I was taken aback myself. You really have grown into a fine warrior.

    Zack: Your bravery during the Wutai war will be remembered for generations to come. It seems your dream of becoming a hero has already come true.

    Angeal: Let's not get carried away, Director. Zack still has a lot to accomplish.

    Lazard: Ha ha, I suppose you're right. Zack, I hope you'll continue to excel.

Angeal: Now, let's hurry. Sephiroth is waiting.

Zack: Sephiroth!? The SOLDIER hero? Wow! I get to meet a hero!

(After the battle with the mysterious enemies.)
Angeal: Zack! Come on!

(After more of the mysterious enemies appear.)
Angeal: Take the director to a safe place.

Lazard: Then contact Sephiroth.

Angeal: Zack is more than enough. Now, go.

Zack: Follow me, Director.

(After Zack and Lazard meet with some infantrymen.)
Infantryman: Thank goodness you're safe, Director Lazard.

Lazard: I should be fine now, Zack. Go and assist Angeal!

Zack: I know, I know!

(Upon approaching the area past the save point.)
Zack: Okay, let's go!

(Upon choosing "Wait, I still need to prepare!", the dialogue will end.)

(Upon choosing "Angeal, I'm coming!")
Zack: Angeal? Angeal! What? These guys aren't Wutai troops...

(After Ifrit appears.)
Zack: A summon? Who called it out?

(After the battle.)
Zack: Holy...

Sephiroth: Genesis...

Zack: The missing SOLDIER 1st Class?

(After Sephiroth removes another of the mysterious enemy's mask.)
Zack: They're identical!

Sephiroth: A Genesis copy...

Zack: Copy? A human copy?

Sephiroth: Where is Angeal?

Zack: I thought he was fighting around here...

Sephiroth: Humph, so he's gone, too.

Zack: What? Wait, what does that mean?

Sephiroth: It means Angeal has betrayed us as well.

Zack: No way! I know what kind of guy Angeal is. And he'd never do that!

(After Sephiroth turns around to Zack.)
Zack: Angeal wouldn't betray us! Never!

Chapter 3: Betrayal?[]

???(Zack): Man, what is with Angeal? How long is he gonna slack off like this? It's been a month now! Sephiroth's got it all wrong, too! Lumping Angeal together with Genesis! Genesis is a deserter who took a bunch of 2nds and 3rds with him! He used his copies to attack us! Angeal would never condone something like that! He valued his SOLDIER honor more than anyone else! Ugh! Everything's so messed up these days! Angeal! Just come back, please!

Shinra Building - SOLDIER Floor

???(Tseng) (on the phone): SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack?

Zack: That would be me. Who is this?

???(Tseng) (on the phone): Director Lazard wants to see you. Go to the briefing room.

Zack: Hey! Wait! Who was that?

Shinra Building - Briefing Room

Zack: Any word on Angeal?

Lazard: He hasn't contacted his family either.

Zack: So, what's this about?

Lazard: A new assignment. I want you to go to the hometown of our missing SOLDIER 1st Class, Genesis.

Zack: Huh?

Lazard: According to the parents, they've had no contact with Genesis whatsoever. But, they can't be trusted.

Zack: Why?

Lazard: They're his family. I had already dispatched some staff, but we've lost contact. I want you to go and investigate. He will go with you.

Tseng: Tseng, of the Turks.

Zack: This job is looking really gloomy...

Tseng: Let me know when you're ready to go.

(As Zack's phone rings.)
Zack: Oh, excuse me... Hello?

Kunsel (on the phone): Yeah, this is Kunsel. Did you ready my mail?

Zack: Not yet. I'll read it later. I'm kinda in a meeting right now--

Kunsel (on the phone): Ah, gotcha. Hey, can I talk to you after that, though?

Zack: Well... If you keep it short, I guess. Haven't got much time.

Kunsel (on the phone): Yeah yeah, it'll be short. I'll be right outside the briefing room.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class in front of the monitor.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: Before you go out on a mission, you should always check the supply pod. We don't get notified when it's been restocked. (Rumor has it that it's to cut costs.)

Shinra Building - SOLDIER Floor

Kunsel: Hey, Zack. What do you say we go down to Sector 8? You can go to Sector 8 through the first floor entrance as well. Let's head over. You should always go do as much as you can before an assignment, so you have no regrets.

Sector 8 - Fountain

Kunsel: Well, here we are in Sector 8. I guess we should split up here.

Zack: What? You bring me out here, and now you're leaving me?

Kunsel: You do have an assignment waiting, don't you? Wouldn't it be quicker to go around just by yourself? The Shinra Building is straight ahead that way when you're ready to go back. So, I'll see ya, Zack. I'll send you another mail when I find the time.

(Upon talking to the man near the path to the Shinra Building.)
Man: This is Sector 8. Lots of entertainment around here. You're in the fountain plaza. Beyond the clock tower is LOVELESS Avenue. You can climb up the stairs to go to the Sector 1 station. From the station, you can get on the train to go to the Sector 5 slums.

(Upon talking to an infantryman near the save point.)
Infantryman: Lately, we're seeing more and more reporters sniffing around for a scoop on Shinra. I was chasing after one who had snuck into the building, but I seem to have lost sight of him. We can't allow confidential company information to leak out. I'll catch him no matter what it takes!

(Upon approaching three woman facing each other.)
Angeal Fan: Pardon me, but are you a SOLDIER operative?

Zack: I sure am. Zack's the name. Nice to meet you!

Sephiroth Fan: Zack? Never heard of you. You must be a SOLDIER second-rate.

Angeal Fan: We were just talking about who the greatest SOLDIER operative might be. I think it's Angeal. That air of solemnity about him... And he's thrifty to boot! He's absolutely charming.

Sephiroth Fan: If we're talking about the greatest in SOLDIER, I can't think of anyone greater than Sephiroth. Just imagining him stripped to the waist makes me dizzy.

Genesis Fan: Both of you! What are you talking about? It's got to be Genesis! There's no one greater in SOLDIER!

Zack: I never knew SOLDIER 1st Classes had so many female fans...

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan.)
Genesis Fan: What makes Genesis's fan club so special is that we're well-funded compared to other fan clubs. We have a huge sponsor behind us. And we sell lots of merchandise, too. So what do you think? Would you like to become a member of Red Leather?

Zack: Genesis's fan club, huh?

  • (Upon choosing "I don't think so...", the dialogue ends.)
  • (Upon choosing "Count me in!")
    Genesis Fan: New members are automatically entered into a chance to win a replica of Genesis's rapier. I think you just got your first mail from the club.

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan after joining Red Leather.)
Genesis Fan: We're now in an era where one's sense of style is becoming ever more important--even for SOLDIER. That's why Genesis, with his red leather coat and impeccable style, is leading Shinra into the future! As fans of Genesis, we should always strive to make our activities classy, streamlined, and stylish!

(Upon talking to the Angeal fan.)
Angeal Fan: Say, how would you like to join Keepers of Honor, Angeal's fan club? If you join now, you'll get our recent newsletters that include bits of Angeal's official profile!

Zack: Angeal's fan club, eh?

  • (Upon choosing "I'm not interested...", the dialogue ends.)
  • (Upon choosing "I would love to join!")
    Angeal Fan: Congratulations! Welcome to the Keepers of Honor. And there you go. You just got your first newsletter.

(Upon talking to the Angeal fan after joining the Keepers of Honor.)
Angeal Fan: We'll be focusing more on our activities. We don't want to lose to the Genesis or Sephiroth fans. Our activities shall be steadfast and honorable, just like Angeal himself!

(Upon talking to the Sephiroth fan.)
Sephiroth Fan: The most popular figure in SOLDIER is the hero, Sephiroth. Which explains why he has so many fan clubs, from big to small, from the casual to the devoted. The key is to look for the one that suits you.

(Upon talking to the Angeal fan's son.)
Son: Angeal, Shmangeal! Mom's become a full-fledged groupie. She won't do anything around the house! ...C'mon, Mom. Grow up.

(Upon talking to the woman near the top of the stairs.)
Woman: I'm sorry. I'm not interested in a SOLDIER guy.

(Upon talking to the man near the top of the stairs.)
Man: Judging from your're a SOLDIER guy from Shinra, aren't you? I hate Shinra with all my heart. Don't talk to me like you know me.

Sector 8 - LOVELESS Avenue

(Upon talking to the captain of the 18th Squad near the path to the fountain plaza.)
Zack: Ahh, thanks for patrolling Midgar, my man.

Captain: I don't recognize you from SOLDIER. What business do you have here?

Zack: Huh? Well, no business, actually...

Captain: It is the duty of the 18th Squad in Shinra's Security Department to patrol the streets of Sector 8. Anyone who disturbs the peace will not be forgiven--not even SOLDIER.

Zack: Whoa, whoa, take it easy there.

Captain: This is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you something. Midgar does not need SOLDIER.

Zack: What?

Captain: Whose job is it to take lost children to their mothers? Whose job is it to catch the petty crooks who steal small change from vending machines? Whose job is it to scold the young girls who talk too loud on the trains? They are all ours. In other words, Midgar needs nobody but us--Shinra's Security Department.

Zack: And I can see that you're, uh, doing fine work.

Captain: Hmph. That's as cocky as you're going to be. We'll be holding a joint training session soon. Security versus SOLDIER. We'll see who the true combat elites are.

(Upon talking to the captain again.)
Captain: Hmph. The days of SOLDIER and the Turks getting all the attention are over. Our joint training will let you see the true powers we possess in the Security Department.

(Upon talking to the man walking in the middle path of the avenue.)
Man: This is LOVELESS Avenue, the busiest part of Sector 8. LOVELESS is a literary masterpiece. They've even made it into a play.

(Upon talking to the employee walking in the middle path of the avenue.)
Employee: Oh, hello, Mister SOLDIER. Sorry, but I'm not interested. I already have someone in my heart.

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan in the alley between Robsons and Goblins Bar.)
Genesis Fan: LOVELESS... A tale of doomed love and friendship... It's a fascinating tale that's even been made into a successful stage production every year. I'm a member of the Study Group, one of the Genesis fan clubs. We study LOVELESS in order to gain deeper insight into the work that Genesis loves so much. Our members used to be in Red Leather, the other Genesis fan club. But we grew tired of how shallow they were, so we decided to spin off and form the Study Group. Would you like to join the Study Group and learn how truly wonderful LOVELESS is?

Zack: The LOVELESS Study Group?

  • (Upon choosing "No, thanks...", the dialogue ends.)
  • (Upon choosing "Sure, I'll join!")
    Genesis Fan: Congratulations! You have now been accepted as a fellow worshipper of LOVELESS. Oh! I think you just got a mail. Why don't you take a look at it?

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan after joining the Study Group.)
Genesis Fan: LOVELESS has five acts, but the final act has been lost and nobody knows its contents. Acts 2 and 3, though, have practically become classics. They've made it onto the stage, after all. In certain circles, our dear Genesis is famous as a devotee to LOVELESS.

(Upon talking to the man standing beside his car.)
Man: This little puppy can hit 140MPH, y'know. The engine's great, of course, but the secret's in the tires.

(Upon talking to the man in the northwestern section.)
Man: S-S-SOLDIER!? N-n-nothing. It's nothing! I-I-I'm a civi-civi-civilian! And I'm very busy! Don't talk to me!

Sector 1 Station - Platform

(Upon talking to the girl.)
Girl: I came here to watch the Shinra trains with my brother. I hope it comes soon! Hee-hee!

(Upon talking to the boy.)
Boy: Shinra's new locomotive is pulling in soon! It's called the MK93 II. Oooh, I can't wait to see it! He-hee!

(Upon talking to an employee waiting for the train.)
Employeee: I've been waiting for the train to come for a long time now. The delays have become frequent of late.

(Upon talking to the employee again.)
Employee: You can use the train to go to the slums market in Sector 5. Once the train comes, that is. Hmmm, I hope it comes soon...

Shinra Building Entrance

(Upon talking to the employee standing at the bottom of the right staircase.)
Employee: We currently have a special on potions. There is a fee for the general public, but they are free to SOLDIER members and Shinra troops. Would you like to try a bottle, sir?

Zack: A potion, eh?

  • (Upon choosing "Naw, they taste funny...", the dialogue ends.)
  • (Upon choosing "You bet I'll drink it!", Zack drinks the potion.)

(Upon talking to the man in the lobby area.)
Man: I was worried when my son wandered off and got lost inside the building. Thank goodness the young lady at the Information Center was able to help me. You can count on the Shinra Company to offer service with a smile!

(Upon talking to the man again.)
Man: I brought my boy here for a tour inside. It's important to provide children with opportunities to see the world. And I'm glad to see that he's enjoying himself.

(Upon talking to the boy running around in the lobby area.)
Boy: Wow! The Shinra Building! It's my first time here.

(Upon talking to the boy again.)
Boy: I can't believe how huge it is! Do you ever get lost in this place?

(Upon talking to the receptionist to the left.)
Receptionist: Oh, hello. Let me know if you need anything. (Hey, he's pretty cute...)

(Upon talking to the receptionist to the left again.)
Receptionist: So you're a SOLDIER operative, huh? It must be exciting, going on all those missions. (Oh my. He can't stop coming up to me to chat.) (Oh, well. I can't help it if I'm such a stud magnet.)

(Upon talking to the receptionist to the right.)
Receptionist: Good day, sir. Welcome to the Shinra Building Information Center. Please come see me anytime you have questions concerning the Shinra Building.

Zack: Hmmm, what do I need to know?

  • (Upon choosing "About my schedule.")
    Receptionist: Zack Fair, SOLDIER. One moment, please. ... You have a meeting scheduled with Mr. Tseng in the Briefing Room.
  • (Upon choosing "About the Shinra Building.")
    Receptionist: The Shinra Building is a secure area. Access to all areas is controlled by employee ID. Members of SOLDIER have access to the elevator, the Exhibit Room, and the SOLDIER floor. Please be aware that the Exhibit Room and this entrance area are open to the public.
  • (Upon choosing "About Sector 8.")
    Receptionist: Exiting the building takes you to Sector 8. You may find it refreshing to venture out to Sector 8 while on standby. Also, there is a train station in Sector 1, where you may board the train to go to the slums in Sector 5.
  • (Upon choosing "Nothing. I'm all set!", the dialogue ends.)

(Upon talking to an infantryman on the second floor.)
Infantryman: Sir! I am a newly recruited infantryman, sir! I am committed to giving everything I have for the Shinra Company, sir!

(Upon talking to the infantryman again.)
Infantryman: You can go to Sector 8 by exiting the building, sir! It is our duty to maintain the peace, not only in the Shinra Building, but throughout the city of Midgar, sir!

(Upon talking to the employee who arrived from the elevator.)
Employee: Blast it. I'm on the wrong floor again. Could the Shinra Company have possibly built a more convoluted building? I mean, how could a building as giant as this only have two elevators? It's ridiculous.

Shinra Building - Exhibit Room

(Upon reading the sign next to the rocket model.)
Sign: Shinra #26 Rocket

(Upon talking to the employee looking at the the rocket model.)
Employee: This is a conceptual model of the Shinra No. 26 rocket. Shinra has concentrated all its science into the Space Development Department for this project. Once it's completed, all that would be left is to launch it into outer space.

(Upon reading the sign next to the car in the western section.)
Sign: Shinra Model sA-37

(Upon reading the sign next to the airship painting in the western section.)
Sign: Airship Highwind

(Upon talking to the man walking back and forth from the painting to the motorcycle.)
Man: I came as soon as I heard the Exhibit Room was open to the public. Being in this room gives you a sense of the Shinra Company's achievements.

(Upon reading the sign next to the motorcycle.)
Sign: Hardy-Daytona

(Upon talking to the man looking at the motorcycle.)
Man: What can I do to make her realize my feelings for... Ah!? I-I-I didn't say anything!

(Upon talking to the man again.)
Man: Her dark, lovely eyes... Her soft, shiny hair... Oh, gods. Just give me the strength to talk to her...

(Upon reading the sign next to the car in the eastern section.)
Sign: Shinra Model pA-86

(Upon talking to the employee.)
Employee: The Exhibit Room is open to the public. You are asked to refrain any conduct that would inconvenience our visitors.

(Upon talking to the employee again.)
Employee: That gentleman over there has been staring in my direction for a while now. Do you think he's...all right? This is starting to get creepy.

Shinra Building - SOLDIER Floor

Kunsel: Hey, Zack. Finally made it back, did you? Weren't you in the middle of an assignment? You should get going. The Turks guy is waiting for you in the briefing room.

Zack: Oh yeah, the assignment!

  • (Upon choosing "Where's the briefing room again?")
    Kunsel: Are you kidding me...? The briefing room... Is right there, you can see it from here. Are you feeling all right? Just hurry up and go, Zack. Good luck on the assignment. I'll send you a mail again when I have the time.
  • (Upon choosing "I'll head over right now!")
    Kunsel: Good luck on the assignment. I'll send you a mail again when I have the time.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class near the elevators.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: First Genesis, and now even Angeal's gone... A lot's gone down in SOLDIER of late.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class again.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: But don't let those things get to you, Zack. I'm sure Angeal will come back to us soon.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class near the door to the Briefing Room.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: If you take that elevator, you can go down to the entrance nd the Exhibit Room. One of the girls at the Information Center is pretty cute, you know.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class again.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: You can also take the elevator up to the SOLDIER director's office. It's more like Director Lazard's personal office. You can't go up there unless you've got real business.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class walking near the Training Room.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Have you noticed all the rooms on this floor? We have the Briefing Room, the Materia Room, and the Training Room. All these facilities provided by Shinra, just for us. It's good to be in SOLDIER!

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class again.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: The Materia Room is for conducting research and development on materia. Have you been there yet?

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class near the windows.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: Hey, Zack. I hear you were quite the hero in the Wutai operation. They say you must have taken out a thousand Wutai soldiers in Fort Tamblin. But I'm next in line to become 1st Class! Don't you forget it.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class again.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: With Genesis and Angeal missing, there's a spot for a 1st to be filled. Looks like my time has come. But keep quiet about it. It's not the type of thing to spread around.

Shinra Building - Materia Room

(Upon talking to the researcher in the left part of the room.)
Researcher (1): Materia is the concentrated essence of mako energy. But natural materia is practically nonexistent. That's because special conditions must be met, in addition to the long years it takes to form. Most of the materia out there was generated by either us or the Arms Development Department.

(Upon talking to the researcher in the middle of the room.)
Researcher (2): Naturally-formed materia are extremely rare, but "mako stones" are relatively easy to obtain. A mako stone is crystallized materia made of concentrated mako energy. By itself, it doesn't have the same effect as materia, but we can process it into materia. SOLDIER members occasionally go out excavating for them. Maybe you should, too.

(Upon talking to the researcher again.)
Researcher (2): SOLDIER members occasionally go out excavating for them. Maybe you should, too. If you bring your mako stone in, we can make it into materia for you.

(Upon talking to the researcher again while holding a mako stone obtained from the missions in the Mako Stones subset, where XXX is the type of mako stone.)
Researcher (2): Wait! What do you have there? Is that a sample of XXX Mako Stone!? If you'd hand that over to us, we can generate materia out of it!

(As the researchers start preparing to generate materia.)
Researcher (2): If you'd like, you're welcome to stay and watch us generate materia.

Do you want to watch them make materia?

  • (Upon choosing "By all means!")
    Researcher (2): Commencing materia generation! All hands! Confirm status!

    Researcher (3): Ready, sir!

    Researcher (1): Main engine on standby! Ready when you are!

    Researcher (2): Main engine, start! Report mako energy concentration rate!

    Researcher (3): Concentration rate at 20...30...40... Steady at 50%, sir!

    Researcher (2): Increase main engine output! The first 30 seconds into concentration is crucial!

    Researcher (1): Aye-aye, sir! Output, 80% and rising!

    Researcher (3): Concentration rate isn't budging, sir!

    Researcher (2): Grrr! Ready cooling system! Increase mako energy output to maximum!

    Researcher (1): Output at 120%! 1 minute left till we reach the critical point!

    Researcher (3): Mako energy concentration rate is rising! 70...80...90% and still going up!

    Researcher (2): All right! Hang on, we're almost there!

    Researcher (3): Concentration rate, 100%!

    Researcher (2): Stop main engine!

    Researcher (1): Main engine stop confirmed! Gentlemen, we have our materia!!!
  • (Upon choosing "No way!", no special dialogue will appear.)

  • (After the researchers generate materia from the SPR Mako Stone.)
    Researcher (2): Here's the materia. And none too shabby! It was made from your mako stone, so this materia is yours. It's actually been a while since we made any materia here in the Materia Room. We have our share of problems, too.
    • (Upon talking to the researcher again after receiving the Esuna materia from him. This dialogue is only available before Zack obtains a second mako stone.)
      Researcher (2): What? You don't get why we were so on edge during the generation process? Well, we have to get psyched up! Materia generation does take quite a bit of mental concentration.
  • (After the researchers generate materia from the VIT Mako Stone.)
    Researcher (2): Thanks to you, we had the opportunity to make a new materia. Your name was... Zack, right? We'll remember you.
    • (Upon talking to the researcher again after receiving the Poison materia from him. This dialogue is only available before Zack obtains a third mako stone.)
      Researcher (2): Zack, we hope to see you again.
  • (After the researchers generate materia from the MAG Mako Stone.)
    Researcher (2): You're Zack, right? I remember you. You're someone we've come to depend on. But we have to let you know that we may never be able to work again...
    • (Upon talking to the researcher again after receiving the Silence materia from him. This dialogue is only available before Zack obtains a fourth mako stone.)
      Researcher (2): Discussions are taking place about closing down our Materia Room. The sad truth is that our materia quality hasn't been very good. *sigh* What am I going to do when I'm let go? Who would hire someone like me?

(Upon talking to the researcher in the right part of the room.)
Researcher (3): I used to be in the Science Department. I was transferred here around the time Director Lazard came to head SOLDIER. Actually, I guess you could say that I was headhunted from the Science Department.

Shinra Building - Training Room

(Upon talking to the researcher closest to the door to the SOLDIER Floor.)
Researcher: Taking physical fitness tests is an important duty for a SOLDIER operative. Since all SOLDIER members are infused with mako, we need to manage their health with extreme care.

(Upon talking to the researcher again.)
Researcher: Professor Hojo of the Science Department drops by this room now and then. After all, he's the one who operates on guys like you to become SOLDIER members. To be honest, though...I wish he wouldn't come.

(Upon talking to the researcher watching the monitors.)
Researcher: This is the Training Room, where we gauge the physical fitness of SOLDIER members. You're Zack, SOLDIER 2nd Class, right? Yes, we'll be testing your physical fitness someday. I hope to see you then.

Shinra Building - Briefing Room

(Upon talking to Tseng before heading out.)
Tseng: Ready to go on the assignment?

  • (Upon choosing "No, wait!")
    Tseng: Hurry up.
  • (Upon choosing "I'm ready!")
    Tseng: Very good, then.

Tseng: Ready to go?

Zack: A routine job, right? No sweat!

Tseng: I wonder... Originally, Sephiroth was assigned to this mission. That means it's a top-priority matter. Be alert, or you'll fail.

Zack: And Sephiroth?

Tseng: Refusing to go, apparently.

Zack: Oh, what is that? They spoil him too much!

Tseng: Why don't you say that to his face?

Zack: Uh, no thanks!

Banora - Apple Orchard

Zack: Weird-looking trees.

Tseng: These are Banora White trees. AKA dumbapples.

Zack: Wait, that means we're in Banora? Angeal's hometown?

Tseng: That is correct. Genesis and Angeal have known each other for a long time.

(After the battle with G Assassins.)
Zack: These guys! I saw them in Wutai, too!

Tseng: So they are here. We haven't seen any of the townspeople. They may have taken control of the entire town. When Genesis deserted, he took a large arsenal of weapons with him. The president's orders are to retrieve or destroy these weapons immediately upon discovery.

Zack: Leave it to me.

(Upon approaching the Guard Spider.)
Zack: The president won't be disappointed!

(After the battle.)
Zack: A Genesis copy...

Tseng: Where did you hear that?

Zack: Sephiroth said it.

Tseng: The technology was stolen from our scientists. It apparently allows Genesis's abilities and traits to be SOLDIER members...and monsters.

Zack: SOLDIER and monsters...we're the same?

(Upon approaching the destroyed Guard Spider.)
Zack: It's not gonna start moving again, is it?

Tseng: Zack, stop playing around. We have to hurry.

(Upon examining the bulletin board.)
Zack: "Smooth and refreshing! Banora White Juice - 120 gil," eh? That sounds pretty tasty... Hm? "The apple factory is just through the housing community up ahead."

(Upon talking to Tseng.)
Tseng: Internal issues like these must be dealt with before the public finds out. Still no sign of townspeople. Let's check the houses.


Tseng: This is Genesis's home. His parents are wealthy landowners.

Angeal (voice flashback): But I never stole from that tree, because the wealthy man's son was my friend.

Tseng: They weren't mere acquaintances. They grew up together, and were best friends.

Zack: So Genesis deserts and gets his best friend Angeal to join him... Is that it?

Tseng: Sephiroth believes that's the case. There. A gravestone. Still very new. Zack, go find Angeal's house. I'll check the grave.

Zack: Ugh, so Turks always do this stuff?

Tseng: Someone has to do it.

Zack: Must be rough...

Tseng: Don't worry. We're paid much better than you are.

Zack: No way!

(As Tseng inspects the grave.)
Tseng: Zack, go and check Angeal's house. It should be in the group of houses over there. Be careful, the area may already be under the enemy's control.

(Upon talking to Tseng.)
Tseng: I'll check the grave. You go and check Angeal's house. Or do you need to hear the explanation again?

  • (Upon choosing either "Yes, please." or "No, I'm good.")
    Tseng: Angeal's house is most likely in the residential area over there.

(Upon approaching the residential area.)
Zack: Let's see, Angeal's house is... I have no idea! I'll just have to check each house...

(Upon stepping into a small glowing light on the ground.)
Zack: I see something! Maybe now's not the best time. I'll check it out later.

(Upon examining a house with enemies inside.)
Zack: Hello! Is anyone home?

(Upon examining a house with no enemies inside.)
Zack: Hello! Is anyone home? Door's locked, and it doesn't look like anyone's inside.

(Upon approaching a roadblock with a sign saying "Keep out.")
Zack: This looks awfully suspicious, but it might take a while to investigate. I should go to Angeal's house first.

Banora - Angeal's House

???(Angeal's Mother): Can I help you?

Zack: Uh, greetings, ma'am! Are you Angeal's mother? My name is Zack.

???(Angeal's Mother): Are you Zack, the puppy?

Zack: Excuse me?

Angeal's Mother: My son wrote to me once about you. Zero attention span, restless as a little puppy.

Zack: Thanks, Angeal...

Angeal's Mother: You're together with Genesis, are you?

Zack: No, I'm not. Don't worry.

Angeal's Mother: What is happening with my son?

Zack: I'm not really sure.

Angeal's Mother: Genesis came back here, a month ago, with an army of cohorts. And they proceeded to take the lives of many townspeople. Genesis...he used to be such a good boy...

Zack: Is Angeal...?

Angeal's Mother: He came here. But, he left his sword and went off somewhere. That sword represents our family's honor.

Zack: I wonder... He never uses this sword, really ever. I'll take care of Angeal. You should go and hide somewhere.

Angeal's Mother: Don't be concerned. Genesis...cannot harm me.

(Upon talking to Angeal's mother.)
Angeal's Mother: Please be a good friend to my son...

(Upon examining the framed pictures on the desk.)
Zack: Oh, a picture of Angeal! Wow, he's young! Must have been taken when he first joined SOLDIER. And there's that Buster Sword... Here's a family picture. Look at Angeal, showing off that Buster Sword again. This must be Angeal's father. He looks as serious as I imagined him. Baby picture! This is Angeal!? Aww, how adorable... Now, these two little runts must be Angeal and...Genesis...

(Upon examining the framed pictures again.)
Zack: Baby Angeal, Angeal and Genesis as kids, family picture, and Angeal's proudest day... He's always holding that Buster Sword with such pride and care. Looking at these pictures, I'm starting to understand how he became the man that he is. He and Genesis have been friends for most of their lives. That's a pretty long time, longer than...

(Upon examining the Buster Sword.)
Angeal's Mother: When Angeal joined Shinra... My husband had that sword made for him, in the hopes that he would become an honorable warrior. We had to borrow a lot of money to have it made, and then... While fervently trying to return all the money, my husband succumbed to fatigue.


Zack: Angeal... Where did you go? What!? Genesis copies!

(After the battle.)
Tseng: There's a factory on the outskirts of town. I saw a Genesis copy go inside.

Zack: You think that's their headquarters?

Tseng: Most likely. I'm currently on a cliff overlooking the factory. A frontal attack is inadvisable. We'll go in from above. Come to the clifftop immediately.

(Upon approaching the factory area from the front.)
Tseng: I said to come to the clifftop. Weren't you listening? A frontal assault is too dangerous. Remember, this is a reconnaissance mission.

(Upon talking to Tseng.)
Tseng: Genesis's parents were in that grave.

Zack: Wait, he...his own family?

Tseng: We can't expect reason from him. What about Angeal?

Zack: He wasn't at the house. But please, give me time! If I find Angeal, I can talk to him. If I can convince Angeal, maybe Genesis will come back, too.

Tseng: I understand now why Sephiroth chose you.

Zack: Huh?

Tseng: Genesis and Angeal. Those two were Sephiroth's only friends. He didn't want to fight them. That's why he refused the mission.

Zack: Well, Angeal is my friend, too!

Tseng: He's counting on you to bring them both back. Time is short. Let's go.

Banora - Factory

Zack: Infiltration successful!

(After G Assassins appear.)
Zack (to Tseng): Go on ahead. I'll take care of things here.

(After the battle.)
Tseng: Zack, this way. Keep an eye out for enemies.

(After the battle on the ground floor.)
Tseng: Zack, this way.

(Upon entering the room where Tseng is.)
Tseng: Looks like the copies are being made here. Check the second floor. Genesis may be there.

Factory - 2nd Floor


Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

Genesis: Settle down... Zack the Puppy.

Tseng: The grave at the house... We found the remains of our people there as well.

Genesis: It didn't take much to have them send false reports. Just some mild threats...

Zack: They would have done that anyway. At least your parents would have.

Genesis: My "parents" betrayed me. They had always betrayed me, from the very beginning. What do you know? Shinra lapdogs!

(After Angeal walks in.)
Genesis: Welcome, partner. I've finally made your decision. I'll respect your wishes, old friend. However... Can you really live on that side?

Zack: Angeal!

Banora - Factory

(Upon walking to the factory's main area.)
Zack: Damn! Where did he go? Did he leave the factory?

(After Tseng incapacitates the Guard Hounds.)
Tseng: There's no time. We have to leave now.

Zack: We're not gonna go look for those two?

Tseng: All evidence of misconduct must be erased. Company rules. An airstrike will neutralize this town.

(After more Guard Hounds appear.)
Tseng: Are you sure that nobody is at Angeal's house?

Zack: ...

Tseng: Hurry!


(Upon reaching halfway through the path to the residential area.)
Tseng (on the phone): Genesis and his men have begun bombarding the town.

Zack: Are you serious!? What do we do now?

Tseng (on the phone): Press X with the right timing to destroy incoming shells with your sword.

Zack: What!?

Tseng (on the phone): Your timing can't be too fast or too slow. You have to focus. Can you do it?

Zack: I have to do it!

Tseng (on the phone): Pay attention to the sound of the fuse, and the color of the shells.

Zack: The sound of the fuse?

Tseng (on the phone): It sounds like this. Keep your ears open. Attack with the sound's timing, but keep the shell's color in mind, too. I'm counting on you.

Zack: The fuse sound and the shell's color... I have to get to her before the airstrike!

(After the shell attacks cease.)
Tseng (on the phone): The attacks have stopped.

  • (If 1 to 4 cannon shells are destroyed.)
    Tseng (on the phone): Looks like you fended off some of the attacks...
  • (If 5 to 7 cannon shells are destroyed.)
    Tseng (on the phone): Looks like you fended off a good number of attacks.
  • (If 8 to 9 cannon shells are destroyed.)
    Tseng (on the phone): Looks like you fended off most of the attacks.
  • (If all 10 cannon shells are destroyed, no unique dialogue will appear.)

Tseng (on the phone): I just received word that the airstrike is about to commence. You have to hurry.

Zack: I hope Angeal's mom is all right... I have to hurry!

(Upon stepping into a small glowing light on the ground.)
Zack: I'll check out what I got later.

(Upon reaching Angeal's house.)
Tseng (on the phone): I explained our situation and had them briefly delay the airstrike... That will buy you some time.

Zack: Thanks, Tseng!

(If Angeal's house is reached before the timer has ended and more than one cannon shell is destroyed.)
Tseng: Those cannon shells were Shinra-made as well. You'll be rewarded for destroying evidence of the company's involvement in this matter.

(Upon attempting to leave the area through the orchard or the path to the factory.)
Zack: I have to get to Angeal's house...

Banora - Angeal's House

Zack: What the hell did you do, Angeal!? Is that your idea of honor!?

Angeal: My mother...could not continue to live. And neither can the son.

Zack: What are you talking about! What's going on here?

Genesis: I told you. You can't live on that side anymore.

(As Angeal leaves.)
Zack: Angeal! Angeal!


My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?

Zack: Shut up!

Genesis: All that awaits you is a somber morrow

Zack: Shut up, I'm warning you!

Genesis: No matter, where the winds may blow

Genesis: I don't see Sephiroth today, but...are you game?

(As Zack sees a summon.)
Zack: A summon!? So that's how it is, huh!

(After the battle.)
Zack: Summons aren't meant to be used like this! What happened to dreams and honors?

Genesis: We are...monsters.

(After Genesis spreads his black wing.)
Genesis: We have neither dreams nor honor.

(After Genesis flies away and a feather lands on Zack's palm.)
Genesis: SOLDIER...doesn't mean monster.

(After the airstrike bombards Banora.)
Zack: Angeal...

Chapter 4: Monster[]

Shinra Building - SOLDIER Floor

Zack: Angeal, the war is over. Everyone's real happy. As for me...

Angeal's Mother (flashback): That sword represents our family's honor.

Angeal (flashback): You're a little more important than my sword. ...But just a little.

Zack: Where did you go...?

(After Zack answers the call on his phone.)
Zack: Zack here.

Sephiroth (on the phone): It's been a while, Zack.

Zack: Sephiroth?

Sephiroth (on the phone): Come to Lazard's room.

Zack: Alright.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class standing near the Materia Room.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: There's a large anti-Shinra organization wreaking havoc all over the world. They're called "AVALANCHE." I heard they're avid students of planet life.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class again.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: Apparently, the Turks have been called in to bring AVALANCHE under control. What a bummer. If I had gotten that job, it would have made me 1st in no time.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class facing a SOLDIER 3rd Class.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: I heard that Angeal's mother used to work for Shinra. For the Science Department, I believe. From all accounts, she was quite the hottie.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class again.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: Wait, wait. Don't get me wrong! I'm not going for Angeal's mom, no matter how hot she is! I'm not into the "mature" thing, if you know what I mean.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class facing the SOLDIER 2nd Class.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: I remember Angeal would always talk proudly about growing up poor. And Genesis would always read me a quote from LOVELESS. ...I wish they would come back soon. I miss them.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class again.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Officially, Angeal and Genesis have been killed in action. I guess I can understand that. I know SOLDIER can't publicly announce desertions, but a cover-up still doesn't feel right.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class standing in the northwest corner south of the Training Room.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: You know Angeal and Genesis are both from the village of Banora? I found out something else by accident while looking at SOLDIER's investment report... Did you know that Banora's budget was being paid for by Shinra?

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class again.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class: I wonder what the Shinra Company has to do with Banora? Come to think of it, it's a weird coincidence for two 1sts to both be from Banora.

(Upon approaching the Training Room or talking to the infantryman guarding the Training Room.)
Infantryman: The training room is currently under use by the Science Department for a top-secret experiment. Hence, it is off limits to all other personnel. That applies to you as well, Mr. SOLDIER. But I, being the coward that I am, cannot muster the courage to enforce this prohibition upon you. Hence, I must call upon you conscience to decide whether you will enter or not.

(Upon talking to the infantryman again.)
Infantryman: I have the utmost faith in you, Mr. SOLDIER.

Shinra Building - Materia Room

(Upon talking to the researcher in the left part of the room.)
Researcher: Every materia is filled with knowledge of the Ancients, a race that has lived on this planet for a long time. It's said the Ancients held the power to converse with the planet. They knew how to control the planet's power. This knowledge is what ties us to the planet, creating magic. By the way, it's presumed that the Ancients have been extinct for some time now.

(Upon talking to the researcher in the right part of the room.)
Researcher: This isn't something to discuss publicly... But the Science Department was researching about making copies of SOLDIER operatives. Do you remember Angeal? I think his mother was assisting the research at the time.

Shinra Building - Briefing Room

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class in front of the monitor.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: Ever since the war with Wutai was declared over, Director Lazard's been holed up in his office. I don't know what would keep him so busy after a war. You can use the elevator to go to the SOLDIER Director's Office.

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 2nd Class talking to a SOLDIER 3rd Class.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: And you call yourself a member of SOLDIER!?

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class talking to a SOLDIER 2nd Class.)
SOLDIER 2nd Class: And you call yourself a member of SOLDIER!?

SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: ...I'm sorry, sir...

SOLDIER 2nd Class: I don't think you understand the most important thing about being a SOLDIER operative. You'd better start thinking about it now.

Zack: What's going on? You don't look very familiar. You must be a new 3rd Class. I'm Zack. Nice to meet you!

SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: Yes, sir. I joined SOLDIER just last month. But I can't seem to get anything right. I'm only getting in other people's way. That's why he was yelling at me...

Zack: You're gonna let a few mistakes get to you? Stay strong. You're in SOLDIER!

SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: But he said he was gonna fire me if I screw up my next mission... Aw, I'm so done for...

Zack: Aw, come on! Don't be such a wuss! Buck up!

SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: I know, but...

Zack: You're a bundle of nerves. Tell you what--I'll go on your next mission for you!

SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: What!? You'd do that for me?

Zack: Just don't tell anyone! And be sure to watch and learn. You got it?

SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: Yes...I'll try...

(Upon talking to the SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1 again.)
SOLDIER 3rd Class Lv. 1: I'm sorry to lay this on you. I'll forward you the next mission I receive. And I won't tell anyone if you won't.

Shinra Building - Training Room

(Upon talking to the researcher standing farther from the monitors.)
Researcher (1): Professor Hojo is here today. *sigh* Just hearing him cackle is enough to give me a migraine.

(Upon talking to the researcher again.)
Researcher (1): I used to work in the Science Department as an assistant to Professor Hojo... And I hated it. That's the whole reason I asked to be transferred here!

(Upon talking to the researcher standing closer to the monitors.)
Researcher (2): The Science Department is conducting combat tests here today. I don't mean to be rude, but if you're not here for the tests, I have to ask you to leave.

(Upon talking to Hojo.)
Hojo: Ahh, there you are. Let us begin the experiment.

Zack: Experiment? What experiment?

Hojo: Never mind. Just go in the Training Room.

Zack: I can't go in without knowing what for!

Hojo: Explaining my experiment would be a waste of time since you wouldn't understand its brilliance, but... I want you to verify the virtual data I extracted from a certain SOLDIER operative's combat results. You are going to help me validate my data by participating in simulated combat.

Zack: Validate Hojo's data?

  • (Upon choosing "Fighting against data can't be exciting...")
    Hojo: Hm... You must be an outsider. Get out. I have work to do.
    • (Upon talking to Hojo again. The same question and choices will appear after.)
      Hojo: Now, do you feel like validating my data?
  • (Upon choosing "I'll show you what SOLDIER can do!")
    Hojo: Now, my precious data. Destroy this study sample and prove my greatness. Hehehe...

    Zack: ...Did you say something?

    Hojo: Nothing at all. Let us begin.

(After the batlle simulation.)
Hojo: Well... That looked rather convincing for a fluke. Did I get the data settings wrong?

Zack: That wasn't a fluke! That was all me!

Hojo: A sample needn't be so assertive. Whatever your claim is, you need to back it up with data. So here's your chance to prove your abilities. Go and fight the next monster.

Zack: Prove my abilities?

  • (Upon choosing "Forget it!")
    Hojo: Hm... You must be an outsider. Get out. I have work to do.
    • (Upon talking to Hojo again. The same question and choices will appear after.)
      Hojo: Do you feel like proving your abilities?
  • (Upon choosing "You bet!")
    Hojo: Hehehe... These settings should do the trick...

    Zack: ...What did you say?

    Hojo: Nothing. Let us begin.

(After the battle simulation.)
Hojo: What in the name of... Were the settings off again?

Zack: That was nothing for a SOLDIER operative!

Hojo: SOLDIER? Oh, I see... You're a member of SOLDIER... Then give the next program a try. This one shouldn't be a problem for someone in SOLDIER.

Zack: Fight another one?

  • (Upon choosing "I'm getting bored...")
    Hojo: Hm... You must be an outsider. Get out. I have work to do.
    • (Upon talking to Hojo again. The same question and choices will appear after.)
      Hojo: Someone in SOLDIER should have no problem defeating this next one as well. Go on in.
  • (Upon choosing "I'll fight everything you throw at me!")
    Hojo: Hmph, I didn't notice you were SOLDIER. The world is full of useless classifications.

    Zack: Did I hear you say something?

    Hojo: You heard nothing. Let us begin.

(After the battle simulation.)
Hojo: Hm, impressive... I think you have what it takes to be a study sample.

Zack: Whatever that is, I don't think I want it.

Hojo: You should be proud of yourself. It's only once every couple of years that we get someone like you.

Zack: Gee, I'm glad to have beaten THOSE odds...

Hojo: While we're here, how would you like to have a go against an extra-special program?

Zack: An extra-special program?

Hojo: It's a powerful program that I directly modified myself.

Researcher (2): Professor Hojo! You're not pitting a human against that program, are you!?

Researcher (1): Not THAT one! Please say you're not serious!

Hojo: It would be a great match for a wonderful study sample such as yourself... Hehehe...

Zack: An extra-special program?

  • (Upon choosing "I'm not interested.")
    Hojo: Hm... You must be an outsider. Get out. I have work to do.
    • (Upon talking to Hojo again. The same question and choices will appear after.)
      Hojo: So are you interested in fighting against my extra-special program?
  • (Upon choosing "Bring it on!")
    Researcher (2): You have to listen to me. That program is no joke. Do not go in there!

    Researcher (1): It may just cost your life! This program is not safe by ANY means!

    Zack: Maybe this isn't such a good idea...
    • (Upon choosing "Actually, on second thought..." )
      Hojo: Hm... You must be an outsider. Get out. I have work to do.
      • (Upon talking to Hojo again. The same dialogues, question, and choices will appear after.)
        Hojo: So are you interested in fighting against my extra-special program?
    • (Upon choosing "I still have to go for it!")
      Hojo: Hehehe...Hahahahaaa! You are a worthy study sample, indeed! You need not worry. Your remains shall become a valuable contribution to science. Now, my precious program, show him why I am great! All shall bow down powerless in your presence...

Shinra Building - SOLDIER Floor

(Upon talking to the infantryman after exiting the Training Room.)
Infantryman: Ohh, Mr. SOLDIER... My faith in you has been crushed...

(Upon approaching the elevators.)
Kunsel: Hey, Zack. So, the war's over...

Zack: Yeah. Did you hear about all I did?

Kunsel: The company reports don't mention you at all. And the TV news only talks about "Sephiroth's remarkable bravery."

Zack: But Sephiroth was with B Unit...

Kunsel: Heroes are chosen by the media, that's just how it is.

Zack: Thanks for crushing my dreams...

(Upon talking to Kunsel.)
Kunsel: Oh, come on! Cheer up, will ya?

Shinra Building Entrance

(Upon talking to the man on the second floor.)
Man: I thought it would be good for him to see inside the Shinra Building, but... He keeps asking me all these questions! I should have done my homework... *sigh*

(Upon talking to the boy on the second floor.)
Boy: Dad, look at this! What's that inside? Do you know?

Man: Hm? Well, Son, that's, uhh... You know... ... That's Shinra technology at its finest, that's what!

Boy: Wow, so THIS is what technology looks like!

(Upon talking to the infantryman on the ground floor.)
Infantryman: If you ever get lost inside the Shinra Building, you should go to the Information Center, sir! The ladies at the Information Center can help you with anything you need to know, sir!

(Upon talking to the receptionist to the left.)
Receptionist: Oh, hello. You're Zack, SOLDIER 2nd Class, right? (If I'm going to have an office romance, my man has to be an executive or better.) (Sorry, but 2nd Class isn't gonna cut it.)

(Upon talking to the receptionist to the right.)
Receptionist: Good day, sir. Welcome to the Shinra Building Information Center. Please come see me anytime you have questions concerning the Shinra Building.

Zack: Hmmm, what do I need to know?

  • (Upon choosing "About my schedule." This is the non-player character's only new dialogue in this chapter.)
    Receptionist: Zack Fair, SOLDIER. One moment, please. ... You have a meeting scheduled with Director Lazard in the SOLDIER Director's Office.

Shinra Building - Exhibit Room

(Upon talking to the employee looking at the rocket model.)
Employee: The astronaut is going to be Cid Highwind, the legendary pilot who the airship is named after.

(Upon talking to the boy running across the room.)
Boy: Whoa! A Hardy-Daytona! This is beyond awesome! When I grow up, I'm gonna own the highway on this thing!

(Upon talking to the employee standing beside the airship painting.)
Employee (to the man): This is the Highwind, the high-speed airship, developed with generous funding from the Shinra Company. It was named after the captain, Cid Highwind. It's still in its testing phase, but we expect it to soon become a Shinra symbol--just like Midgar.

(Upon talking to the employee again.)
Employee (to Zack): Ah, Mister SOLDIER. I was just talking to his gentleman about this particular exhibit.

(Upon talking to the man looking at the airship painting.)
Man (to the employee): Wow! This airship looks incredible! I'm amazed that Shinra can make something like this fly through the skies!

(Upon talking to the man again.)
Man (to Zack): Wha!? No, I didn't ask her to tell me about the exhibit just so I could get close to her! No way! Well, I just, you know, have a genuine interest in the Shinra Company's mastery of science...

Sector 8 - Fountain

(Upon talking to the infantryman near the save point.)
Infantryman: I'm in the middle of a pursuit! Please don't talk to me right now!

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan running back and forth.)
Genesis Fan: There's just no way... I don't believe it... Our dear Genesis, killed in action!? It has to be a lie...or some kind of mistake... Oooh! I just can't stand still! Ah!? A mail from headquarters!

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan again.)
Genesis Fan: One last...farewell...? For Genesis? No! I'm not ready to accept that yet! I...I...I just can't stand still! I've gotta run!

(Upon talking to the Angeal fan.)
Angeal Fan: ...How could our dear Angeal be killed in action? I still can't believe it... We'll never see his handsome smile again... But this isn't the end for us. We, the fans, have to carry on. Huh? A mail from headquarters? Wh-what is this!?

(Upon talking to the Angeal fan again.)
Angeal Fan: Angeal's unofficial profile! This is priceless. Pretty snazzy of headquarters to be sending out stuff like this in our time of grief... Angeal must be watching over us from up above. Let us keep our honor in our activities!

(Upon talking to the Sephiroth fan.)
Sephiroth Fan: Shinra News is reporting that two 1st Classes, Angeal and Genesis, have been killed in action. That goes to show that Sephiroth is SOLDIER's greatest. He's going to be more popular than ever.

(Upon talking to the Angeal fan's son hiding behind a lamppost.)
Son: Angeal's been killed in action, right? I saw it on Shinra News. I thought the news would make Mom snap out of it, but it looks like she still wants to be a groupie...

(Upon talking to the woman near the top of the stairs.)
Woman: What is it? Are you trying to pick me up, too? (SOLDIER... I hope he goes away soon...)

(Upon talking to the man near the top of the stairs.)
Man: Judging from your're a SOLDIER guy from Shinra, aren't you?

Zack: Yeah, I'm in SOLDIER. Zack's the name.

Man: Hmph. I don't know where you Shinra people get off, being so arrogant... So what do you think is up with the herds of monsters roaming around Midgar and Kalm?

Zack: Around Midgar?

Man: What? Don't tell me you didn't know about this. Didn't you say you were in SOLDIER? Then here's something else you should know. The study of planet life tells of the legend of "Weapons," guardians of the planet. When they sense the planet's danger, they are roused to destroy "that which ills the planet."

Zack: So? What does that have to do with the monsters?

Man: "That which ills the planet." Sounds like the Shinra Company to me.

Zack: Hahaha. You've got a wild imagination, buddy. So you're saying these legendary "Weapons" are out to get Shinra? Please. They're just monsters!

Man: Hmph. Laugh it up while you can.

(Upon talking to the man again.)
Man: I studied planet life in Cosmo Canyon. Shinra is doing all sorts of things in all parts of the world. You might not know them, but I do.

Sector 8 - LOVELESS Avenue

(Upon talking to the employee walking in the middle path of the avenue.)
Employee: Let me ask you something, Mister SOLDIER. Do you know a dandy gentleman on a black chocobo?

Zack: A gentleman on a black chocobo?

  • (Upon choosing "I don't have a clue.")
    Employee: You don't know him, huh? I guess he's not famous...
  • (Upon choosing "I might know someone like that...")
    Employee: No way! You know him too? He looks so suave in his ten-gallon hat. And he's such a nice guy, too!

Employee: Just the other day, on my way to Kalm, I was attacked by monsters. You've heard about them roaming around Midgar and Kalm, haven't you? Well, that's when he saved me. The dashing man on the jet-black chocobo... I'd rather trust my life to him than any average SOLDIER guy.

(Upon talking to the employee again.)
Employee: Let me ask you something, Mister SOLDIER. Do you know a dandy gentleman on a black chocobo? I wonder where he is now. My prince... I mean, the chocobo-riding prince...

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan in the alley between Robsons and Goblins Bar.)
Genesis Fan: I can't believe that Genesis has been killed in action... Please rest in peace, dear Genesis... Your search for truth in LOVELESS will be carried on by the Study Group.

  • (If Zack is a member of the Study Group.)
    Oh! I think you just got a mail. Why don't you take a look at it?

(Upon talking to the Genesis fan again.)
Genesis Fan: LOVELESS is an old epic poem whose final act has been scattered and lost. So experts always get into heated debates about their interpretations of the final act. I was deeply affected by Genesis's interpretations. It was thanks to Genesis that I became so engrossed in LOVELESS.


Only certain missions contain dialogue.

Shinra Electric Company[]

Peacekeeping Troops[]

Challenge from Security[]

(After the last battle.)
Captain: I concede that we lost in today's training. But our troops were little more than rookies with hardly any real combat experience. Do not expect the same results next time.

Second Challenge[]

(After the last battle.)
Captain: Damnation, another loss to SOLDIER! We were holding back, treating this as only a training session. But we won't anymore. The day of our third joint training session shall be a day of shame for SOLDIER.

Third Challenge[]

(After the last battle.)
Captain: ...So we have yet to win against you in training. But I know why that is. It's the difference in budgets between SOLDIER and Security Departments. The Science Department operates on you guys in SOLDIER to make you into who you are. Hmph. We in the Security Department don't depend on medical enhancements just to win.

Getting Serious[]

(After the last battle.)
Captain: Hehehe... We finally have something to show after our negotiations for a new budget. We received orders from Director Heidegger to test Shinra's new weapons in combat! Hmph! There's no way we're losing now!

Armed Challenge[]

(After the last battle.)
Captain: Another loss... Even with Shinra's new weapons... What is it? What could we be missing...? ...Fine. The next training session shall be the last. If we lose then, I shall concede that SOLDIER is indeed Midgar's premier combat organization!