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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion is an HD remaster of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, originally released for the PlayStation Portable in 2007.[1] The game was announced in June 2022 during a broadcast celebrating Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary and features new models and lighting, redone voices for consistency with the Final Fantasy VII remake project, and rearranged music.[2]


The graphics are re-done in high fidelity, and the interface resembles that of Final Fantasy VII Remake in appearance.

Many characters, creatures, and objects have been redesigned to match their Final Fantasy VII Remake counterparts, likely for continuity with the Final Fantasy VII remake project: among these are the the Buster Sword, which originally featured the golden hilt introduced in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the summons Ifrit and Bahamut, as well as Sephiroth.

Angeal Hewley's official render has been altered to feature the new Buster Sword, but Sephiroth's still has his old coat and hairstyle introduced in Advent Children.




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