Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack to Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. The music is primarily composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, with a few tracks provided by Kazuhiko Toyama. It includes remixes of various themes from the original Final Fantasy VII score and from the Last Order score. The theme song is "Why", performed by Ayaka Iida.

Track list[edit | edit source]

Disc One[edit | edit source]

  1. "Memory Fragments - DMW" (記憶の欠片 —D.M.W—, Kioku no Karera?, lit. "Fragments of Memories -D.M.W-") - 1:20
    Plays during the opening FMV sequence.
  2. "CRISIS CORE Theme - Succession" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『継承』, Theme of CRISIS CORE『Keishou』?) - 0:41
    Plays on the title screen.
  3. "Mission Start" (ミッションスタート, Misshon Sutāto?) - 3:25
    Plays upon beginning the game.
  4. "First Mission (from FFVII "Opening - Bombing Mission")" (ファーストミッション(FFVII『オープニング~爆破ミッション』より), Fāsuto Misshon (FFVII "Opening~Bakuhatsu Mission" Yori)?) - 2:50
    Plays after "Mission Start".
  5. "Mako City" (魔晄都市, Makō Toshi?) - 1:53
    Plays inside the Shinra Building early in the game.
  6. "Moonlit Night of Patriotism" (憂国の月夜, Yūkoku no Tsukiyo?) - 1:30
    Plays while roaming through Wutai.
  7. "Encounter" (エンカウント, Enkaunto?) - 3:22
    Plays during many random encounters. It is considered the main battle theme.
  8. "CRISIS CORE Theme - Dreams and Pride" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『夢と誇り』, Yume to Hokori?) - 3:17
    First plays during the scene where Angeal tells Zack about dumbapples. It is later heard when Zack remembers Angeal in the Nibelheim Inn.
  9. "Last Order-Crisis Mix (from LAST ORDER FFVII)" (Last Order-Crisis Mix (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より), [missing rōmaji]?) - 3:23
    Plays during the battle with the Wutai anti-SOLDIER monsters and during the battle with G Regicide.
  10. "Burden of Truth" (真実の重み, Shinjitsu no Omomi?) - 2:06
    Plays after entering the game into a PSP console. It also plays during scenes like the exchange between Zack and Lazard in Gongaga Village.
  11. "Roaming in the Afternoon Sun" (陽射す午後の彷徨, Hi sasu Gogo no Hōkō?) 3:20
    First plays in Banora Village. It also plays during several missions there.
  12. "Conflict" (コンフリクト, Konfurikuto?) - 2:18
    Plays while battling in Junon.
  13. "Operated Iron Beast" (操られし鉄の獣, Ayatsurareshi Tetsu no Kemono?) - 2:57
    Plays during the battle with a machine in Banora and during the first Sephiroth battle.
  14. "CRISIS CORE Theme - Under the Apple Tree" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『リンゴの木の下で』, Ringo no Ki no Shita De?) - 4:00
    Plays during the scenes where Zack stands beneath the largest Banora White tree in Banora, and later when he fulfills Genesis's childhood dream under the same tree.
  15. "The Summoned (from FFVII "Those Who Fight Further")" (召喚されし者 (FFVII『更に闘う者達』より), Shōkansareshi Mono (FFVII "Sara ni Tatakau Mono-tachi" Yori)?) - 3:08
    Plays during battles against summons.
  16. "The Burdened" (背負うもの, Seou Mono?) - 1:32
    Plays after returning from Banora, and while inside Sector 5 slums church.
  17. "Just Before the Raid (from FFVII "Those Who Fight")" (間際の急襲 (FFVII『闘う者達』より), Magiwa no Kyūshū (FFVII "Tatakau Mono-tachi" Yori)?) - 3:04
    Plays during some battles in Midgar.
  18. "The Secret Maneuvering Dark Suits (from FFVII "Turks' Theme")" (暗躍のダークスーツ (FFVII『タークスのテーマ』より), An'yaku no Dark Suits (FFVII "Turks Theme" Yori)?) - 2:23
    Plays during scenes featuring the Turks.
  19. "Skyscraper of Pipes and Iron (from LAST ORDER FFVII)" (鉄と管の楼閣 (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より), Tetsu to Kuda no Rōkaku?) - 1:22
    Plays in the Shinra Building during later parts of the game.
  20. "Combat" (コンバット, Konbatto?) - 2:56
    Plays during some battles.
  21. "CRISIS CORE Theme - Scars of Friendship" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『友情の傷痕』, Yūjō no Kizuato?) - 1:26
    Plays during the scenes where Sephiroth tells Zack about Project G.
  22. "A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII "Aerith's Theme")" (スラムに咲く花 (FFVII『エアリスのテーマ』より), Suramu ni Saku Hana (FFVII "Aerith's Theme" Yori)?) - 2:14
    Plays during scenes involving Aerith.
  23. "Eyes the Color of the Sky" (空色の瞳, Sorairo no Hitomi?) - 1:44
    Plays in the scene of Zack and Aerith's date in the Sector 6 Park.
  24. "CRISIS CORE Theme - With Pride" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『誇りと共に』, Hokori to Tomo ni?) - 2:12
    Plays during the scene when Genesis reveals his one wing and between Zack and Angeal on the Sector 0 Highway.
  25. "Melody of Anguish" (苦悩の旋律, Kunō no Senritsu?) - 0:59
    Plays during the scene in the Banora factory and between Zack, Angeal, Genesis, and Hojo about LOVELESS.
  26. "Borderland March (from LAST ORDER FFVII)" (辺境の行軍 (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より), Henkyō no Kōgun?) - 2:05
    Plays after the helicopter crashes outside Modeoheim.
  27. "A Moment of Camaraderie" (交歓のひととき, Kōkan no Hitotoki?) - 1:07
    Plays during the scene where Zack and Cloud meet and during the beach scene with Cissnei.
  28. "Flapping Black Wing" (羽ばたく黒い翼, Habataku Kuroi Tsubasa?) - 3:02
    Plays during the first battle against Genesis on abandoned mako reactor, and with the battle against G Dominator.
  29. "CRISIS CORE Theme - Truth of the Project" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『計画の真実』, Keikaku no Shinjitsu?) - 2:05
    First plays during the FMV scene of the three-way duel between Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth. It later plays when Angeal's origins are revealed in Modeoheim.
  30. "The Face of Lost Pride" (誇りを失った姿, Hokori wo Ushinatta Sugata?) - 2:46
    Plays during the battle against Angeal Penance.
  31. "Why (CCFFVII Mix)" (Why 〈CCFFVII Mix〉, [missing rōmaji]?) - 2:15
    Plays during the scenes after fighting Angeal Penance, when Aerith comforts Zack and he reveals his new look.

Disc Two[edit | edit source]

  1. "Town That Shuts Away the Sunlight" (陽の光を閉ざされた街, Hi no Hikari wo Tozasareta Machi?) - 3:15
    Plays while walking around the Midgar Slums.
  2. "Situation Begins to Change" (動き出す事態, Ugokidasu Jitai?) - 1:21
    Plays during the scene between Zack and Sephiroth in Junon.
  3. "The Organization That Controls Mako (from FFVII "Shinra Company")" (魔晄を支配する組織 (FFVII『神羅カンパニー』より), Mako wo Shihai Suru Sōshiki (FFVII "Shin-Ra Company" Yori)?) - 4:16
    Plays inside the Shinra Building after Zack changes his hairstyle.
  4. "CRISIS CORE Theme - To A New Post" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『新たな任地へ』, Arata na Ninchi he?) - 1:23
    Plays during the scenes of Zack preparing to go to Nibelheim on the SOLDIER Floor.
  5. "The Shrouded Village (from FFVII "Heart of Anxiety")" (閉ざされた村 (FFVII『不安な心』より), Tozasareta Mura (FFVII "Fuan na Kokoro" Yori)?) - 2:42
    Plays while in Nibelheim.
  6. "Parting Melody" (決別の旋律, Ketsubetsu no Senritsu?) - 1:44
    Plays during the scene of the death of Angeal's mother and during the scene when Genesis reveals truth about Jenova in the Nibel Reactor.
  7. "The Gloomy Mansion" (陰鬱な屋敷, In'utsu no Yashiki?) - 1:37
    Plays inside Shinra Manor.
  8. "A Brief Rest" (しばしの休息, Shibashi no Kyūsoku?) - 0:12
    Plays after the scene in the Nibelheim Inn where Zack decides to 'crash for the night'.
  9. "Prelude to Destruction" (崩壊への序曲, Hōkai he no Jokyoku?) - 1:12
    Plays before Zack and Sephiroth's battle.
  10. "The One Who Brings Harm to the World (from FFVII "One-Winged Angel")" (世に仇なす者 (FFVII『片翼の天使』より), Yo ni Kataki nasu Mono (FFVII "Katayoku no Tenshi" Yori)?) - 3:23
    First plays during the FMV scene of the three-way duel between Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth when the latter goes on the offensive against Genesis. It also plays during the fight against Sephiroth in the Nibel Reactor.
  11. "Night of Seclusion" (隠遁の夜, Inton no Yoru?) - 3:44
    Plays when Zack goes on the run with Cloud.
  12. "Duty and Friendship" (任務と友情, Ninmu to Yūjō?) - 1:22
    Plays during the exchange between Zack and Gillian Hewley and while talking to Cissnei in Nibel plains.
  13. "CRISIS CORE Theme - Blazing Through the Battlefield" (Theme of CRISIS CORE『疾走の戦域』, Shissō no Sen'iki?) - 1:04
    First plays during the FMV scene of the three-way duel between Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth when Genesis decides to face Sephiroth one-on-one and during the battle with G Eraser on the Loveless Avenue and during the minigame of saving Cloud from the Shinra soldiers at Nibelheim.
  14. "Escape into the Wasteland" (逃走の荒野, Tōsō no Kōya?) - 2:53
    Plays in area around Gongaga.
  15. "Melody of Resolution" (覚悟の旋律, Kakugo no Senritsu?) - 1:41
    Plays during the scene before Zack fights Genesis in the abandoned mako reactor and during the scene when Zack sees Hollander and Genesis in Gongaga.
  16. "Wandering under the Moonlight (from LAST ORDER FFVII)" (月明の彷徨 (『LAST ORDER FFVII』より), Getsumei no Hōkō?) - 1:54
    Plays in Nibel plains during the sniper minigame and upon returning to Banora late in the game, and when Reno and Rude search for Zack and Cloud.
  17. "Waterside Composed in Old Poems" (古の詩に詠まれし水辺, Inishie no Uta ni Yomareshi Suihen?) - 2:56
    Plays in the final dungeon, the Banora Underground.
  18. "Howl of the Gathered Monsters" (集いし異形の咆哮, Tsudoishi Igyō no Hōkō?) - 3:21
    The battle theme of the final dungeon.
  19. "The One Who Receives the Divine Protection of the Planet" (星の加護を受けし者, Hoshi no Kago wo Ukeshi Mono?) - 4:09
    Plays during the first final boss battle against Genesis Avatar.
  20. "SOLDIER Battle" (ソルジャーの闘い, Sorujā no Tatakai?) - 2:58
    Plays during the final battle between Genesis and Zack in the Banora Underground.
  21. "The Price of Freedom" (自由の代償, Jiyū no Daika?) - 3:38
    First plays at the beginning of the FMV scene of the three-way duel between Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth. It plays in many scenes, and notably during Zack's final stand against the Shinra Army. It also serves as a base for tracks like "Duty and Friendship" and "A Moment of Courtesy".
  22. "Why" (Why/絢香, [missing rōmaji]?) - 4:25
    Plays during the ending FMV.
  23. "Inherited Feelings" (受け継がれる想い, Uketsugareru Omoi?) - 8:42
    Plays during the end credits after "Why".
  24. "To Be Continued (from FFVII "Opening - Bombing Mission")" (to be continued (FFVII『オープニング~爆破ミッション』より), (FFVII "Opening~Bakuhatsu Mission" Yori)?) - 1:28
    Plays during the CG recreation of the Final Fantasy VII opening after the credits.

Music samples[edit | edit source]

"CRISIS CORE Theme - Under the Apple Tree"
"CRISIS CORE Theme - Truth of the Project"
"The Price of Freedom"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are two tracks played in the game that are not released on the soundtrack. The first is played during the FMV scene of Zack's dream, and the other is played during the FMV of Genesis and Minerva. Both are variants of the "Successor" theme.

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