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Nocturnal carnivores found in the train graveyard. These violent, aggressive creatures hunt for prey in packs, and will not hesitate to set upon humans.

Enemy Intel in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Violent and aggressive, these nocturnal carnivores hunt for prey in packs and will not hesitate to attack humans.

Enemy Intel in "Episode INTERmission"

Cripshay is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake, encountered in the Train Graveyard during Chapter 11 "Haunted". It is also fought during "Wutai's Finest" in "Episode INTERmission".



The cripshay is a small and nimble enemy that will run around the battlefield and surround the player. While it is an unremarkable enemy on its own, it can be dangerous in large numbers. It attacks mostly by doing small leaps at the player to interrupt them, often coordinating those attacks with other cripshays to keep the player stunlocked. Its most dangerous attack is Leech, where it'll bind the player and deal continuous damage while recovering their own HP.

In "Episode INTERmission", the horned cripshay is a stronger variant that can summon regular cripshays into battle.

Like most biological monsters, the horned cripshay is weak to Ice Ice.


The cripshay is easily defeated with normal attacks, spells, and character abilities. However, it can become a nuisance when paired with other enemies, such as ghosts. If a player is hit by Leech, it is recommended to switch to another character and use any offensive ability to knock the cripshay away.

Cloud is the best character to quickly dispatch them. By pairing Elemental Materia Elemental Materia with Ice Materia Ice Materia in his weapon, as well equipping First Strike Materia First Strike Materia to start the fight with ATB filled, he can defeat a wave of cripshays with a single Triple Slash.

Hard Mode[]

On the hard difficulty, the cripshay will be more aggressive, leaping on the player more often to interrupt their actions. They'll still be easy to defeat with the normal strategy.



Its Japanese name may derive from the English words "clip" (クリップ, kurippu?) and "shave" (シェイブ, sheibu?) in reference to its scissor-shaped horns. The first part of its name may alternatively derive from the English word "crypt" (クリプト, kuriputo?) in reference to it being encountered in a graveyard-type area.

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