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The Crimson Robbers are a band of thieves in Final Fantasy VI distinguished by their red bandannas.


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Formerly locked up in Figaro Castle, the robbers escaped during the end of the world when sandworms burrowed into the dungeon and the robbers followed their tunnels to the surface. Their leader perished during the escape and they met Gerad, who became their new boss and encouraged the thieves to infiltrate the buried Figaro and retrieve their treasure from the storage room. Gerad is Edgar Roni Figaro in disguise, who needs the thieves to lead him into Figaro to help the people.

The robbers sail from Nikeah to South Figaro, pursued by Celes and Sabin who suspect the truth about "Gerad". The Robbers reveal another path over the water in the South Figaro Cave that leads to the sandworm tunnels and into Figaro Castle's dungeons. Celes and Sabin pursue them to the castle's engine room, where "Gerad" tells them to get the treasure from the storage room while he fights the sandworms. Celes and Sabin confront him, and Edgar reveals his ruse and the three dispatch the worms. They hide as the robbers return, who assume that "Gerad" has perished like their previous leader, and they leave Figaro.

Later, two other four-person bands of thieves appear in the Cave on the Veldt and the Cultists' Tower. The thieves in the Cave on the Veldt wear purple bandannas and so appear to be different thieves. The thieves at the Cultists' Tower do wear red bandannas, and may be the actual Crimson Robbers.

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