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Crimson is a minor but important supportive character and summonable vision in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Crimson's Trust Master reward is the skill A Hero's Bond. Crimson's role in the story is detailed in the Story Event, "The Day the Spark was Lit," which takes place between Season One and Two. He's also the namesake of the Crimson Saber.



Crimson is a middleaged man with slightly tanned bronze skin, short brown hair and eyes. Crimson wears a long hooded red coat that covers most of his body, including long, widening sleeves and a skirted section covering his legs. He wears dark pants and blue boots along his signature blade, the Centurio.


Crimson was a dedicated and loyal subordinate to Raegen, yet he always felt that despite his efforts he could never be like his idol. Despite his lack of confidence, his resolve is strong enough to fight for the people of Sacher, although he often feels the hopelessness of his efforts in thwarting the status quo. When he meets Rain his hope is reignited and passes on his dreams into him.


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5★ - No. 1364: Crimson protected the town of Sacher on his own for a long time. In the past, he fought with the Sworn Eight against Hess as Raegen's subordinate. Even now, he solemnly respects Raegen's strength and humanity. Raegen's weapon, the Crimson Saber, was named after Crimson.
6★ - No. 1365: During Crimson's time in the army 700 years ago, his consideration for Raegen was so strong that he acted almost as his attendant. Mornings, he would play the Reveille at Raegen's bedside, and he would light incense each night so that Raegen could sleep soundly. However, it's unclear whether or not Raegen actually enjoyed any of these things.
5★ - No. 1366: Crimson protected the town of Sacher while avoiding contact with other people. Each time Crimson protected the town, the children would pick flowers and leave them for him at the town entrance, thinking it the least they could do to express their gratitude for his lone fight with Aldore. To Crimson, who continued to fight all by himself, these flowers were his one greatest solace.
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Crimson was a soldier of Aldore, and served as Raegen's close subordinate and attendant. The two fought together during the Paladian civil war, undergoing immortality process. During the climax of the war, Raegen ordered Crimson to remain close to Emperor Vlad so he could relay information to finish the war without delay. Crimson reluctantly agreed, knowing he would not be able to assist Raegen against Dark Fina.

Crimson was ultimately spared from being transported into Lapis and remained in Paladia, where he became witness of the cruel dictatorship that would last for years to come, and settled in the town of Sacher defending the town from Aldore's forces by himself.

Eventually, when Rain arrives in Paladia 700 years later, he ends up on Sacher where he meets Crimson who has taken the name of Raegen and mounted a one-man resistance against Aldore soldiers to prevent them from taking citizens as slaves. Rain saves Crimson when a soldier was about to shoot him in the back. Asking who he is in truth, he flees.

Rain chases after Crimson, and reveals he knows the true Raegen. Crimson reveals his identity and his past with Raegen and his hopelessness at opposing Aldore. Rain encourages him to do so, and the two free the prisoners at the labor camp. Crimson is reluctant due to the danger, but agrees to Rain's plan.

The two storm the labor camp and defeat the soldiers, freeing many prisoners, including Mirfas's parents and a Hess soldier called Kyanos. Reinforcements arrive and Rain and Crimson are overwhelmed. Crimson pushes Rain away and unleashes all his power to take the soldiers down at the cost of his life. As he lays dying Rain admits to being Raegen's son and that Raegen is also alive. Crimson is delighted that the royal bloodline lives, but believes he was only a burden to Raegen. Rain proves him wrong saying the Crimson Saber was named after him. With no more regrets, Crimson passes his hopes into Rain before dying.

The news that Rain is of royal blood reach the town of Sacher and an Aldore soldier who survived the battle, resulting in a major feud between people of Hess and Aldore, which ends with the town being massacred by Aldore forces. Despite Rain's best efforts he's unable to save a single life despite his promise with Crimson and Mirfas. The events shake Rain deeply, filling him with sorrow, powerlessness, grief, guilt and anger.

Rain later vows to become heartless, starting his transition into Hyoh. Taking Crimson's blade, the Centurio, and Kyanos' scarf, both are used by Rain on his Vagrant Knight variant.

A vision of Crimson, Kyanos and Sol appears before Rain during their final confrontation against Vlad and his manifested Ogre monsters. With their help, Rain and the parties defeat the monsters before terminating Vlad once and for all.

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Crimson's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:



Crimson can equip the following weapons: Dagger, Sword, Great Sword, Katana, Axe, Spear.

He can equip the following armor: Light Shield, Hat, Helm, Clothes, Light Armor, Robe.

He can equip accessories.

Limit Bursts[]

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