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After they attacked us, the espers flew off northward, towards Crescent Island.

Crescent Island is a location from Final Fantasy VI, the farthest eastern isle on the world map. Thamasa is the only village located in the region on the east coast of the land.


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Long ago some humans used Magicite to gain magical powers and became to be known as Mage Warriors. After the War of the Magi, the Espers fled to their new world behind the sealed gate and the Magis started to be despised and hunted down by normal people because of their powers. A few Mage Warriors escaped and found their way to Crescent Island and established the village of Thamasa.

After the Sealed Gate is once again opened, the espers attack Vector and escape to the mountains of Crescent Island. A banquet is called in by Gestahl and a goodwill mission to Crescent Island is launched in an effort to negotiate peace with the espers. After disembarking the Magitek Armor Transport Ship, the party splits into two groups: Celes and Leo form one group and Terra, Locke and Shadow form another one. The gameplay follows the seconds groups adventures into Thamasa and Esper Caves.

Later, in the World of Ruin, the island loses its mountains and moves south. Ebot's Rock also resurfaces and becomes available for exploration.

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Acquiring Gaia Gear[]

Crescent Island becomes available for exploration after gaining control of the airship Blackjack. The party can head for the island in an attempt to steal Gaia Gears from Briareus. The gear absorbs earth elemental and can be of great assistance in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Chimeras also rarely drop Golden Armors.

Leveling up Shadow[]

Shadow can be levelled up here before starting the Burning Home scene. This is the last chance for him to gain levels before the start of the Floating Continent.


Thamasa is a village in the eastern end of the island and the happening place of several storyline events.

Esper Caves[]

The Esper Caves are located in the mountainous region of the island. The Caves become available after the Burning Home scene.

Ebot's Rock[]

Ebot's Rock is submerged during the World of Balance, but after the world is shifted into the World of Ruin, Ebot's Rock resurfaces as a small island.


World of Balance


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