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Cray Claw is a boss in Final Fantasy V. As the party gets the airship out of the hanger, they notice the Cray Claw latched onto the hull, dragging them down. To take off, they must defeat it.


Battle Edit

Compared to the previous bosses, Cray Claw can be very easy. His Tail Screw attack will put a character into critical status, while his mucus attack casts Sap. If he casts these attacks back-to-back, it might KO a character. He is susceptible to the paralyzing effect of a Beastmaster's whip. Paralyzing him each turn with an Attack can prevent him from dealing damage entirely.


A White Mage should be able to keep up with healing. Black Mage should cast Thundara, while a Mystic Knight charges Thundara Sword. Ramuh and Thunder Rods will also make short work of him.

Cray Claw is also vulnerable to the Coral Sword, which can be stolen from Cray Claw itself. A Knight with a Coral Sword and the Two-Handed ability can take this boss down in two hits.

Cray Claw is not immune to Petrification. This boss can be one-hit killed by using the Beastmaster's Catch and Release to unleash an Undead Husk to cast Break (which is far unavailable to the party's Black Mages at this point). This method is very elaborate as it requires finding a Undead Husk at the Ship Graveyard and requires a lot of foresight as the player will be rail-roaded a lot before encountering this boss, so it'd be best to capture a Undead Husk way before even going to the Desert of Shifting Sands to reach the Gohn.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Cray Claw from Final Fantasy V appears as an enemy in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

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