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A large sentry weapon manufactured by Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. It is an outdated model used during the last war, so it is kept in storage in the corkscrew tunnel. Slow but heavily armored and bristling with powerful weapons.

Enemy Intel

Crab Warden is a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake encountered in the Corkscrew Tunnel at the end of Chapter 5, during "Secret Passageway".



Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Phase Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageStomp All Stomps front legs on the ground. During Phase 3, will follow up with stomping with its back legs. Y Y
Physical damageCharge All Charges forward Y Y
Magic damageWildfire Wildfire from FFVII Remake All Spins and deploys Fire Fire patches that persist for 10 seconds. During Phase 3, the fire goes further.
Hard Mode: The blaze persists for 20 seconds
Physical damageRevolving Volley All Firing its guns in an arc for 5 seconds. In Phase 3, rotates from left to right faster. Y N
Physical damageMissile Assault All Fires missiles. More missiles are fired in Phase 3. Y N
Physical damageMissile Barrage Missile Barrage from FFVII Remake All Fires missiles. More missiles are fired in Phase 3. Y N
Physical damageReverse Cannon All Launches missiles from its backside and charges. Y Y
Magic damageFlamethrower Flamethrower from FFVII Remake All Sprays Fire Fire for 2 seconds. N N
Magic damageEM Field 1–2 Emits an electric wave. Y N
Target Lock Target Lock from FFVII Remake 1–2 Locks onto a player character. N N
Air Support 2 Summons 3 Slug-Rays.
Magic damageSurge Surge from FFVII Remake 3 Electrifies the tracks for 8 seconds (6 seconds on consecutive uses) before setting off an explosion unless interrupted.
Hard Mode: Consecutive surge takes 3 seconds


The battle is fought with Cloud, Tifa and Barret. The Crab Warden is durable and attacks with machine guns and by stomping its legs. It is weak to Lightning Lightning, making Thunder Thunder effective. Summon Materia can also be used.

Target Lock.

In the first phase, the party must target its legs. When the machine focuses on one character, a red target reticule will appear over them. Attacking the machine's legs will pressure it.

After it sustains enough damage, the Crab Warden enters the next phase of battle and occasionally summon Slug-Rays. In the third phase, the legs are no longer vulnerable, but its auxiliary weapons are targetable, and it can fire a missile barrage, and will occasionally cause a lightning surge that will be deadly to characters standing on the tracks. It can also focus down one character with attacks, at which point, the player can switch to another to continue dealing damage. Once the pilot is crippled, the boss's weak spot is exposed.


Whoever the Crab Warden focuses on with the red reticule should keep distance and guard, or hide behind one of the containers in the stage. The player can simply change character to focus on the Crab Warden's legs. To damage it, the player can keep Barret at a distance and shoot at a leg, while Tifa and Cloud attack the legs once they are stationary, either with Unbridled Strength martial techniques, or Cloud's Punisher Mode, respectively, to destroy one and stagger it. The party can also use lightning magic and Cloud's Triple Slash. After it is staggered, Tifa should use an Unbridled Strength martial technique to increase the damage it receives, and target the generator.


When the Crab Warden summons Slug-Rays, Barret can deal with them with ranged attacks while Cloud and Tifa focus on the legs. The party can summon Ifrit when available. In the third battle phase, Crab Warden uses a lightning surge attack that electrifies the tracks, but the player can switch to Barret to attack through this or cripple one of the Auxiliary Weapons to interrupt it mid-casting. Standing away from the electrified tracks helps avoid damage if the explosion does go off. The player should dodge the missiles and heal often, and focus on its right and left auxiliary weaponry. When the pilot is exposed, the player should focus on it. Once the pilot is crippled, the weak spot is exposed for Cloud and Tifa to attack it.

Hard Mode[]

Crab Warden is more durable and more deadly. Barret can use Lifesaver and the Barrier Materia Barrier Materia to provide resistance; paired with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia protects the whole party with one casting. Time Materia Time Materia can be used to cast Haste Haste. Tifa's Focused Strike and Starshower allow her to damage the Warden while being mostly invulnerable herself, and Cloud's MP pool allows him to cast Thundaga Thundaga often, especially if paired with MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia. Lightning Materia Lightning Materia can alternatively be paired with Magnify to hit all targets on the boss at once, and to destroy all Slug-Rays in one go with a Thundara Thundara when the boss calls them down. After Cloud helps stagger the boss with lightning magic, Tifa can come in and raise the stagger gauge with Rise and Fall.

Cloud can be equipped for high magic damage with Mythril Saber Mythril Saber and Circlet. Pairing Elemental Materia Elemental Materia with Fire Materia Fire Materia in someone's armor allows them to withstand the boss's Fire Fire attacks better, and even be healed by them if the materia is mastered. The player may need to block more against the Warden's hail of bullets, so Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia may also come to use.

Defeating Crab Warden earns Barret's Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. V.

Musical themes[]

The theme for the battle is called "Crab Warden" on the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack.