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The Cowpel is an enemy from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.


Type A

Type B

Type C


Part I[]

The enemy can be encountered in the Witch's Mansion during the earlier stages of the game. The player should watch out for its Flame Blast ability, which inflicts fire-elemental damage to all party members. To defeat the enemy quickly, the player should have Brandt use physical attacks and have Jusqua cast Fire. If the party's HP should begin to fall, the player should have Jusqua use Cure to heal the party.

During the later stages of Part I, the enemy can be encountered in the Invidia Underground and the Tower to the Sky. The player can easily defeat these enemies in a single turn with just physical attacks.

Part II[]

During Part II, Cowpels can only be found inside the Holy Tree Tower bonus dungeon. When they are encountered in the tower, the Cowpels receive higher stats and retain the Flame Blast ability. To lower the damage dealt by Flame Blast, the player should have a Flame Shield equipped to some party members. The enemy has no elemental weaknesses, so the player should attack with the Hero's Bladeblitz ability and the Black Mage's Magic Might ability.



Caper is Latin for a male goat.

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