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Court in Edo World.

Court is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II. The court is where the judge reside in Edo World.


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The party comes here with Hana, she tells the judge that Echigoya's ship is full of bananas. The judge tells one of the officers to go to the port and the other to go get Echigoya. They both leave after receiving their orders. The judge tells Hana that she did a good job.

Kame arrives at Hana and tells her that she did a good job. One of the officers arrives with Echigoya, and Hana tells him that he better give up. Echigoya wonders what she's talking about. The other officer arrives at the court and tells the judge that there was nothing like bananas inside the ship. Hana tells Echigoya the he must of hid them somewhere else. He replies the he's came straight from his store, and had no time to do that. The judge dismisses Echigoya, but before he leaves, he tells her that she should be careful from now on.

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  • The bananas mentioned here was originally opium in the Japanese version.
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