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Coultenet Dailebaure is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is Hoary Boulder's adventuring companion and a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.


Early life[]

Born and raised in Twelveswood, Coultenet met Hoary Boulder seven years ago. Although they were different in personality and origin, the two became best friends and have worked side by side ever since, earning a name for themselves, gaining the attention of Tataru Taru. Eventually, Coultenet and Hoary Boulder joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.[1]

During the Calamity, the pair was present when the shards of Dalamud pierced the ground in Eastern Thanalan. They witnessed the subsequent explosion of aether and watched dumbfounded as the swirling energy solidified into twisted crystal structures.[2]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

With the arrival of Doma refugees in Mor Dhona, Coultenet became interested in the Doman art of ninjutsu and began to study it. When Yozan and his fellow "Doman adventurers" begged to the Warrior of Light to give them a special training session, Hoary Boulder, who has taken charge of the children's daily instruction, instead proposed a sparring match between Warrior of Light and himself. Coultenet briefly joined the training but was easily defeated. Despite the predictable conclusion, the battle served its purpose and entertained the children.[3]

Coultenet and Hoary Boulder went on to work as bodyguards. On one of their jobs escorting scholars hired to do aether readings, an adventurer assigned to accompany them on the job was injured during a patrol and Hoary Boulder requested that Minfilia send someone to replace the injured adventurer.[4] Without many options left, Minfilia asked the Warrior of Light to replace the injured adventurer. Coultenet, Hoary Boulder and the Warrior of Light escorted three scholars each to a different location.[5] While the Warrior of Light was escorting the scholar in Urth's Fount, the scholar discoversed the body of Wilred, the young Ala Mhigan who had joined the Crystal Braves. Hoary Boulder and Coultenet quickly arrived on the scene, and due to the cuts on the body, they concluded the boy was murdered. The pair offered to take care of the scholar in place of the Warrior of Light and asked them to report the Wilred's death to Minfilia.[6]

At Minfilia's request, Coultenet and Hoary Boulder began escorting F'lhaminn on her travels to Ul'dah.[7] When the Crystal Braves revealed their betrayal, the pair was escorting F'lhaminn to the market in Limsa Lominsa where they were attacked. They were forced to sneak into a hannish vessel and fled to Radz-at-Han.[8]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Not knowing whom they could trust, the group remained in hiding in Radz-at-Han without contacting anyone. Coultenet and Hoary Boulder devoted themselves to training and study, but after learning that the Scions' name had been cleared, they contacted Tataru Taru via linkpearl and announced they were returning to Eorzea. Upon arriving in Limsa Lominsa, the Warrior of Light welcomed them back and accompanied them to the Rising Stones.[8]

Coultenet was saddened to receive news of Papalymo Totolymo's death. He decided to overcome his grief and resume his studies of the arcane to honor the wisdom that Papalymo had taught him.[2]

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

After Doma's liberation, many refugees began preparing to return to their homeland. As a parting gift, F'lhaminn rewarded the children who called themselves the "Doman Adventurers' Guild" with a set of hats. When Hoary Boulder and Coultenet arrived to congratulate the children, Shiun started to cry, not wanting to say goodbye. Hoary told him they are destined to become adventurers, and therefore may meet again in the future. The children resolved to continue their training and become the most famous adventurers in Yanxia, and to one day return to Eorzea to surpass the Scions and even the Warrior of Light.[9]

When a mysterious phenomenon began to affect the Scions, rendering them unconscious, Coultenet fruitlessly searched for learned acquaintances to try to figure out how to wake them up.[2]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

While Warrior of Light was in the First, the Scions who had stayed behind worked double duty to make up for the absence of key members. While Hoary Boulder and the others left for field missions, Coultenet remained guarding the Rising Stones.[2][10]

While G'raha Tia and Cid Garlond set up the magitek terminal to study ways of healing the primals' thralls, Coultenet and the others Scions helped Krile collect Ice Shards to serve as fuel for the machine.[11]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Following the Final Days' aversion, Coultenet elected to join Hoary in travel to Corvos to provide what aid he could to the region, as it had also been ravaged by the Final Days.

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Coultenet in A Realm Reborn.


Coultenet is a blond-haired Elezen. He wears a Divining Hat Divining Hat, Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Frost Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Frost, Red Gaskins Red Gaskins, Dated Armored Jackboots (Black) Dated Armored Jackboots (Black). Coultenet also wears a Militia Robe Militia Robe that eventually changes to a Cashmere Robe of Casting Cashmere Robe of Casting, both painted Apple Green, a color that Coultenet says "brings out his eyes."[2]


Coultenet is ambitious and brimming with curiosity. He has taken an interest in the arts of the Doman shinobi, and discovered common points between mudra and arcane geometries. When forced to flee Mor Dhona, he traveled to Radz-at-Han, and is thought to be quietly devising new arcane arts based in his encounters with Near Eastern knowledge.[1]

Though he is calm by nature, he can prove calculating and cold should the situation require it. He respects Hoary Boulder's pure sense of duty—though he would be loathe to say so out loud.[1] Coultenet considers the Scions his family. Coultenet greatly admires Papalymo and aspires to achieve the same lofty heights of magecraft. When he received the news about Papalymo's sacrifice, Coultenet was upset.[10]


Coultenet the Cultured is faced during the special instance in Main Scenario Quest Guardian of Eorzea Guardian of Eorzea.

Triple Triad[]

Hoary Boulder & Coultenet Card
Hoary Boulder Coultenet Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 109
Total stats 18
Type Scion
Description “On your feet, Hoary!”
“Can't...disappoint...the younglings... Raaargh!”
Obtain Random drop from Gold Triad Card Gold Triad Card

Behind the scenes[]

Coultenet shares its name with an NPC from version 1.0. The NPC in question was an Elezen of House Dzemael located in the southwest of Camp Ever Lakes in the Coerthas Central Lowlands and served as a gatekeeper for the Aurum Vale. "Coultenet" is also a potential randomly generated name for Wildwood Elezen player characters, but as a surname rather than a forename.