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The Cosmos Reports are a series of ten unlockable reports in Dissidia Final Fantasy that become available after the player beats Chapter Four of Shade Impulse with a particular hero. Each character unlocks the report numbered corresponding to his or her game.

The player can also receive the Chaos Reports, an opposition of the Cosmos Reports.


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The Comsos Reports cover the backstory of how Cid of the Lufaine, Garland, Shinryu, and Cid's wife began the endless cycle. During a war between nations, Cid and his wife were tasked to create Chaos to be used as a biological weapon of war. Cid and his wife raised Chaos from a child and came to care for him, until their government took Chaos away to fight. When Cid and his wife refused to help them further, the government imprisoned them and began work on Cosmos, a clone of Cid's wife that would pacify Chaos and help control him. When they heard of them, they broke out and found Chaos and Cosmos, but Cid's wife was injured in their escape attempt. Chaos, enraged, opened a portal to World B that consumed him, Cid, and Cosmos. Cid's wife survived and escaped to Lufenia, where a ritual was performed to transfer her memories to Lukahn.

The Cosmos Reports were largely retained in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and compromise the first seven reports, with some of the Cosmos Reports compressed together. While the phrasing of many parts is altered, their overall content is identical.

List of Reports[]

Cosmos Report #01[]

Your memories are of great significance.
Just as you've already realized,
this tale is most likely closely
related to the coming disaster.
Do you truly believe that is so?
My story is merely that of a single researcher...
no more than the tale of a mother and child.
I fear the telling of this tale will most
likely do little more than add further
confusion to people living in a world that
has fallen into the depths of despair.
I do not intend to tell them.
After taking down your story,
I will keep the reports firmly sealed,
hidden from the outside world.
Yet, someday, a strong-willed person
will uncover the reports.
By the time they are read... this
story will be no more than a myth.
Still, we have a duty to hold it dear.
Stories are proof of life, after all.
Come then, speak.
Tell the story carved into your memories...

Cosmos Report #02[]

The child was tiny, nothing about him hinting at
the unimaginable power hidden within. Until that
power manifested itself, the state was to look
after him, but we took the child in and decided
to raise him as our own. Looking into those
guileless eyes, it was impossible to do otherwise.
We knew all too well the painful truth: he was
not ours, and someday he would be taken away
by the state. We knew, and yet...
My husband began to question the duty he'd
been given. Levistones and airships, these were
things he had invented to improve people's
quality of life. The child was different. He was
a tool of war.
However, disaster loomed on the horizon.
The neighboring country had powerful weapons
in the form of summons and Omega. We had no
other way to stand up to them.
For the sake of a peaceful world, we had to
continue his research.

Cosmos Report #03[]

Once the child began to speak, he would try
so hard to express his thoughts. Calling me Mama and him Papa,
there wasn't a hint of doubt his love for us.
Whenever the child would smile at us,
we, who spent our days preparing for war,
were given a small measure of happiness.
However, that pleasant time was soon to end.
War had finally begun.
The child was taken from us.
The army's decision was swift;
they would use the child.

Cosmos Report #04[]

As the child grew older, so, too, grew his
terrifying strength, and with it his usefulness
as an instrument of war. But he would not
follow the army's orders.
Emissaries from the government took me into
custody. Assuming he'd be more likely to listen
to orders coming from his "mother", the army
asked me to control him.
In the end, the child destroyed the neighboring
country. Countless homes were consumed by
hellfire; his strength was even enough to seal
summons and Omega alike...
The scene could not have been different from
that of the underworld.
...Yet, there had been no other way. If a weapon
does not perform its function, it is discarded and
destroyed. He was no different, the army
stressed. That is why I did as they asked. I had
to save him.
I wanted to keep the child safe, no matter the

Cosmos Report #05[]

I steadfastly refused to help the next time the
child was called to duty. My husband and I were
named traitors and locked deep underground.
As I suffered under the grief of having abetted
the murder of countless innocent people, I
overheard word of another research project
being conducted by the army.
This was to make a clone... one of myself. With it,
the state would control the child as they wished,
without having to use me.
It was proof of how much the child's power
was worth to them that they would go so far.
I could not allow such a thing to happen. Even a
created life is a life. Why was it that only he was
refused happiness? Why must he be forced to
destroy, over and over again?
The date the research was expected to be
completed drew near. I decided on a course
of action.

Cosmos Report #06[]

The dungeon into which we were sealed was a
cavern, home to many monsters.
After studying the traits of these monsters, my
husband and I were able to exploit them to
escape. Watching our backs the whole time,
we ran to the research facilities where the child
was being kept.
At the labs we found a specimen that, while still
unfinished, still resembled me a great deal. With
it was the child. I barely recognized him, he was
so gaunt. His eyes were vacant, a hazy flash of
hatred flickering deep within them.
There wasn't time to speak in-depth, so I
explained the situation as best I could, and we
set off together.

Cosmos Report #07[]

It happened while the three of us were fleeing...
A soldier spotted me, and I was shot.
The rest is only bits and pieces...
The sensation of falling.
The child's wail, as if from a great distance.
A sharp, dark premonition.
My husband's face, dark with rage...
Sadly, my premonition was dead-on.
A space-time distortion appeared in front of
the child, and began to draw everything within.
The darkness grew into an enormous vortex...
I remember nothing after that. I lost
consciousness. When I next woke, I was in
the ruined shell of the research laboratory.
Neither the child nor my husband were
anywhere to be found.

Cosmos Report #08[]

Originally, we were both from a clan that handed
down memories through ritual ceremony. In
addition to my own unique traits, my husband's
intelligence and technical skill are also boons
of this tradition.
I decided to use the teleportation device we had
meant to use for our escape to return to the
clan. That way, even if I died, our memories could
live on as they should.
I arrived in the middle of a forest. Nearby was
the village, Wing of the Hawk, where our clan
lived in peaceful tranquility.
Suddenly, as if fleeing from the darkness that
had appeared in the world, the clan used the
Levistones my husband had left so that the
village itself began to float in the air.
I explained the situation, and they quickly
understood. They immediately began the
memory successor ceremony...

Cosmos Report #09[]

So, those are all of the memories you've
inherited, then?
Yes. Though I am averse to the transience of
the written word, the skill of handing down
memories is a dying art. These memories are
too precious to die with it.
Do you believe there is some connection
between what you've just told me and the
Four Fiends who currently aim to wreak
havoc within the world?
That is something even I do not know. However,
it seems that several locations key to the story
In the memories, they are places with fissures in
space-time. The places where the Four Fiends
reside... Each and every one of them are locations
from my memories.

Cosmos Report #10[]

I see... Thank you.
I give my word that we will keep the
history you have allowed me to record
in confidence.
...Lukahn, if you would allow me to ask you a
question for once?
The one of whom you have prophesied,
the Warrior of Light... The one you predicted would save
the world from calamity with crystal in hand. Is he really coming?
Will the Warrior of Light bearing the crystal truly appear?
I am called an oracle, but
I am actually a historian.
The Warrior of Light will most certainly
And with him, this world-no, the
people of this world-can finally be
freed from this endless cycle of death
and rebirth.
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