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Corsi on the world map.

Corsi (コルシ, Korushi?) is a town in the Rubrum Region in Final Fantasy Type-0. The town is invaded and occupied by Militesi Empire, but Class Zero is deployed to take it back on the second mission of Chapter 2. After the first mission of Chapter 2 the party can travel the world map but cannot yet enter Corsi as it is occupied by the empire. After being liberated the town becomes guarded by Dominion Legionaries, and Dominion Quaestor comes to evaluate the damage, deeming a reconstruction effort expensive.



Corsi deploys Warriors.

In "Operation Reconquista", Class Zero is deployed to manage the campaign against the empire. By deploying soldiers from Rubrum-occupied domains and towns, the troops the empire deploys from Corsi are defeated and its energy shield weakened allowing Class Zero cadets to infiltrate the town and defeat the local commanding officer, liberating Corsi.

Dominion Tribune[]

You see, I myself am also a bit of a world traveler—a treasure hunter, to be precise. I travel to the far reaches of Orience in search of rare and exotic items and sell them for profit. I suspect you lucky cadets might also profit from some of my insider information, and seeing as today is a rather fortuitous day for me as well, I will gladly share my secrets with you at absolutely no charge.

Dominion Tribune

The cadets can find a Dominion Tribune in the town after it has been liberated, who gives an option to "let the cadets in on his secret." If the cadet agrees, the tribune will give information on optional locations the party can visit on their travels. The hints are for: Corsi Cave, the Northern Corridor, the Bethnel Caverns, the Black Tortoise Crevasse, the Ultima Blast Site, Mount Jubanla, Innsmouth Coast, "an extraordinary device," the Valley of Monsters, and the Tower of Agito.




Welcome to Corsi! Everything in our shop is made right here in town. Support the reconstruction effort and buy something!

Dominion Citizen

The shop in Corsi sells gift items.

Item Price
"'Til Finis Comes, With You" 1000 gil
Rose Bouquet 1000 gil
Hydrangea Bouquet 1000 gil
Sexy Swimsuit 1500 gil
Ruby Necklace 2000 gil


Pssst! Where do you think you're going? Don't just ignore me like that, Class Zero—you and I have to stick together! This world's a cruel place. People slander those of us who deal in the dark arts, but they don't realize that they need us... whether they like it or not.

Dominion Citizen

The Phantomist is an unmarked shop, but opens up when the man near the closed gate at the back of the town area is spoken to. He sells phantoma.

Item Price
Red Phantoma 1000 gil
Blue Phantoma 1000 gil
Yellow Phantoma 1000 gil

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Corsi means "run" or "race" in Italian.