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Corses are floating, undead corpses that can strike instant fear in the heart of any unwary adventurer. Found mainly in the Attohwa Chasm, these undead are solitary and reclusive, with less than a dozen able to be identified at any given time. Their reclusive nature is less noticeable at night, when these monsters come out of their hiding spots.

Not only are corses able to silence their opponents, but they can even temporarily charm them and force the charmed attacker to instead attack his or her own party members. For this reason alone, all adventurers should be cautious when approaching.

To the victors fall a few interesting items. The bracelets and robes worn by the corse can be picked off of their now twice-defeated bodies. These items can be desynthesized into precious metals and gemstones (in the case of the bracelets) or cloths and threads (in the case of the robes). Of even more interest are the iolite that all corses carry. These blue jewels are only found on the corse, and are an item requested by Bluffnix to expand an adventurer's inventory.

Special attacks Edit

  • Danse Macabre: Single target Charm.
  • Envoutement: Single target damage and chance to Curse.
  • Final Retribution: AoE damage and Stun, only used by some notorious monsters.
  • Gala Macabre: AoE Charm, only used by some notorious monsters
  • Memento Mori: Magic Attack boost.
  • Silence Seal: AoE Silence.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

In Aztec mythology, Xolotl was the god with associations to lightning, fire, sickness, deformities and death.

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