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Assassin command. Corner foe in a tight spot.


Corner (仕手, Shite?) is the action ability for the Assassin in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP MP Power Range
Shadowbind Fey Bow 200 12 1
Stops target by pinning shadow to the ground.
Last Breath Petalchaser 300 32 1
Deals a swift shock, knocking out target.
Element: Dark
Aphonia Murasame 200 12 1
Attacked aimed at throat to silence target.
Nightmare Kikuichimonji 300 18 1
Puts targets to sleep, and sometimes dooms them.
Ague Ranger Bow 200 12 1
Causes feverish chills to slow target.
Rockseal Kotetsu 300 32 1
Seals target in stone. Causes petrification.
Oblivion Masamune 300 24 1
Attack to the head. Addles target.
Ultima Masher Zanmato 999 60 As Weapon As Weapon
Assassin attack born from ultima magic.


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