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WoFF Cornelia Region 2

The Cornelia Region and its divergent paths.

The Cornelia Region is a region located in Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy. It is traversed by descending the steps of Cornelia and entering the pathway under the bridge. It is first visited in Chapter 3 and consists of divergent pathways, the right of which leads to The Nether Nebula.



WoFF Cornelia Region

Entrance to Cornelia.

Cornelia is located to the south of the region and hosts a kingdom placed on a majestic bridge. Ascending the steps will lead directly into the town.

The Nether NebulaEdit

WoFF Cornelia Region 3

Entrance to the Nether Nebula.

Located to the north and to the far right of the region. Its entrance is a rocky bridge leading to a cave that is said to be host to powerful mirages.

The WatchplainsEdit

WoFF Cornelia Region4

Entrance to the Watchplains.

Located to the north and to the far left of the region. Its entrance is denoted by outposts for the Goblin Camp.


At the beginning of Chapter 3, the twins traverse the region to access The Nether Nebula.

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  • Lann and Reynn make note of how the region emits a clean air.