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Corkscrew Tunnel is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake seen briefly during the bike minigame quest "Motor Chase" in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash", and the main setting of Chapter 5, "Dogged Pursuit". It is a series of tunnels used to travel between Midgar's upper plates.

During "Motor Chase", it is visited by Avalanche traveling to Upper Sector 7, and during "Dogged Pursuit", the field is traversed by Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace throughout the chapter. In this chapter, Corkscrew Tunnel is a dungeon in which the party must fight through enemies and follow signs for the Sector 4 plate.


Train Bound for Sector 4[]

Seen in "All Aboard for Sector 4", the train's sole area is the Passenger Car, comprising two cars. Tifa is located in the first, while Barret is located in the second, where a Healing Materia Healing Materia orb can be found. Several non-player characters are sat in seats, and can be overhead by talking to them. Later in the quest, Slug-Rays are fought on a timer.

Section C[]

Section C has a two areas, the Railway Control C2 route on the south, and the Railway Control C4 route north. The southern end of Railway Control C2 is entered from the train in "Looking for a Friend", where several Slug-Rays are fought with Cloud and Tifa in the party, and a vending machine and bench are found on the side. Further along, a treasure chest on the platform on the side contains two hi-potions, and then security officers are fought.

At the eastern end of Railway Control C2 is a staircase leading over to another Railway Control C4 behind a gate, where Barret is found along with Slug-Rays and grenadiers. This route then leads up northwest in "Find Stamp". Near from the beginning, a door on the right leads to a maintenance room with a chest containing an elixir. Further up in the northwest, Slug-Rays are fought alongside guard dogs and elite grenadiers, and a door on the right leads to a maintenance room with a chest containing a bottle of ether. At the very end, a staircase leads up to Section D.

Section D[]

Reached during "The Nose Knows" through a staircase from Section C's Railway Control C4, Section D contains a Connecting Passageway area overlooking it. Several wererats are fought here. Further along the passageway, a staircase leads down to a platform with a chest containing an antidote, and the stairs lead down further to an area where grashtrikes are found. A treasure chest contains two hi-potions, and cobwebs must be cleared to take stairs further to another passageway where more grashtrikes are fought. At the end, a ladder leads down to Section E.

Section E[]

Railway Control E2 is entered from Section D during "Find Stamp", and is the site of a large grashtrike nest. Southeast from the nest is a bench, a vending machine, a treasure chest containing three phoenix down tufts, and a staircase up to a passageway leading to the other side, where flametroopers and security officers are fought. At the northwest end, a gate can be opened onto the rail track, Railway Control E3.

Railway Control E3 comprises a rail track leading northwest, though the path cuts in two: the path on the right leads to an inaccessible dead-end, while the path left leads to the quest destination. On the path right, a door leads into a maintenance room with a chest containing a leather bracer; entering to get the chest and leaving will trigger an encounter with security officers upon exit. The path left is a ramp down to the Former Rail Yard for the quest "Train Yard Security".

At the Rail Yard, flametroopers are fought along with Sentry Launchers, and once fought, a staircase on the left leads to a series of corridors. On the southwest end is a maintenance room with a vending machine (which sells Music discStamp) and a bench, and by the lockers, a Lightning Materia Lightning Materia. A door nearby leads into a lunch room with several elite security officers. Behind this is a corridor to a set of stairs down into a railway where Crab Warden is fought. Once defeated, a passage to Plate Maintenance Corridor is accessible through shipping containers.

Plate Maintenance Corridor[]

Visited briefly in "The Road to Mako Reactor 5", the Plate Maintenance Corridor is a simple corridor with an elevator towards the Sector 4 Plate, where the chapter concludes.


The Corkscrew Tunnel is visited for "Motor Chase" in chapter 4, "Mad Dash", a quick bike minigame quest.

The quests in chapter 5, "Dogged Pursuit", are entirely combat quests as the party must navigate their way through the tunnel. Various enemies are fought while the objective is to follow Stamp's signs to navigate a path forward. In "Secret Passageway", Crab Warden is fought.


Enemy Area
Slug-Ray All
Security Officer Section C - Railway Control C2; Section E - Railway Control E2, Section E - Railway Control E4
Grenadier Section C - Railway Control E4
Guard Dog Section C - Railway Control E4
Elite Grenadier Section C - Railway Control E4
Grashtrike Section D
Queen Grashtrike Section D
Flametrooper Section E - Railway Control E2, Section E - Former Rail Yard
Sentry Launcher Section E - Former Rail Yard
Elite Security Officer Section E - Former Rail Yard

The main enemies fought are Slug-Rays, in all areas of the Corkscrew Tunnel. Throughout many other areas, different Shinra soldiers are fought, and the most challenging of these are flametroopers. Flametroopers can deal considerable damage from their flamethrower attack if not dodged, and are weak to having their tank destroyed from behind to stagger them. Later on, flametroopers are fought with the durable Sentry Launchers for a challenging combination;Lightning Lightning attacks can exploit the Sentry Launcher's elemental weakness.

At the end of the tunnel, the Crab Warden boss is fought.


Item Area
Healing Materia Healing Materia Train Bound for Sector 4
2 Hi-Potion Section C - Railway Control C2
Elixir Section C - Railway Control C4
Star Pendant Section C - Railway Control C4
Ether Section C - Railway Control C4
Antidote Section D
3 Phoenix Down Section E - Railway Control E2
Leather Bracer Section E - Railway Control E3
Lightning Materia Lightning Materia Section E - Railway Control E3 Lightning Materia in Corkscrew Tunnels from FFVII Remake

Treasures are most often found in maintenance rooms behind doors on the sides of rail tracks. The player can also buy Music discStamp music disc in the vending machine Section E, Formal Rail Yard.