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A spiral train tunnel that winds around Midgar's central pillar, connecting the plate's topside cityscape to the slums below. The security onboard the trains is airtight, and ID scans are required for all passengers. If any suspicious persons are spotted, security drones are mobilized to eliminate the threat.

The Corkscrew Tunnel, also known as the Winding Tunnel[note 1] and as Spiral Tunnel,[note 2] is a location in Midgar in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a large spiral tunnel encased in the tall circular structure that supports the center of the city.

The Corkscrew Tunnel is an important area in Midgar, being the primary method of transportation between the upper plates and the slums below via the railroads that run through it. Absent of a train, a motorcycle can be used to drive through them.



The Corkscrew Tunnel comprises a series of dimly-lit metal winding railroad tunnels. On the sides of the rail tracks are platforms used for maintenance with some control terminals, as well as some doors leading to maintenance rooms found at the end of concrete corridors. Graffiti can be seen on the walls, some of which is graffiti of Stamp, used by Avalanche to navigate the tunnel. Some walls contain maps for the rail routes, and between some routes, a staircase leads to a bridge over to cross from one to the other.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, suspended above the railways are metal passageways, joined by staircases, used to connect the sections of the tunnel. Some construction material is seen along the way. More notably, grashtrike nests grow here, and near the nests, cobwebs are found along the adjacent passageways.

Connected to the tunnels are concrete maintenance corridors leading into the lower Midgar plates, as one is seen leading to the lower Sector 4 plate.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Winding Tunnel.

The Winding Tunnel is visited in "To the No. 5 Reactor" after Cloud, Barret, and Tifa are forced to escape the train while making their way to the next reactor. A few enemies are fought here before the group reach the reactor. The entire field comprises only a few, mostly identical screens before reaching the Sector 4 Plate.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Exploring the tunnel.

The Corkscrew Tunnel is the site of "Motor Chase," the first quest in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash." The player controls Cloud on the Motonox Gust motorcycles, on their way to Upper Sector 7, and the quest is the first of two bike minigame quests. After defeating enemies on the way, Roche arrives as the boss who must be defeated to proceed.

The Corkscrew Tunnel is returned to as the site for most of Chapter 5, "Dogged Pursuit." During this, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace fight their way through monsters and Shinra soldiers on the way to Mako Reactor 5.

The Corkscrew Tunnel is significantly lengthier than in the original Final Fantasy VII, with a greatly expanded area.



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  2. Name in Final Fantasy VII Remake with Japanese text.