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Corguevais is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XIV. He appears during Ul'dah's main story in original Final Fantasy XIV.


Originally born in Ala Mhigo, Corguevais was the thaumaturge responsible for maintaining a domesticated goobbue during a parade in Ul'dah. He loses control of the goobbue that caused chaos in the city and mortally wounded a man named Warburton.[1] After being accused and threatened because of the incident at the parade, Corguevais hid in a mine but was eventually discovered by two miners who believe he was to blame for the accident in the mines and took him by force to Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. F'lhaminn, who was doing a performance on the spot, asks the adventurer for help to intervene in the situation before the worst happens but Popokkuli and Seserukka appear and put an end to the confusion.[2]

Corguevais goes to Camp Black Brush where he meets Ascilia, the Warburton's daughter, who considers him the murderer of her father. Thancred says that if Corguevais cares about the girl, that Warburton was being treated at Frondale's Phrontistery. There, Corguevais witnessed the death of Warburton and defended Ascilia on the grounds that she had no money to pay for the funeral.[2]

Mumuepo and Corguevais talking in secret.

Corguevais was present at the Platinum Mirage when Thancred defeats and unmasks Niellefresne, saying that Niellefresne and his companions were responsible for the incident at the parade and hand over the money earned in the game to Corguevais to pay for Warburton's funeral. After the funeral, the adventurer witnesses Mumuepo talking in secret to Corguevais, with Mumuepo saying he will reveal some information to Corguevais.[3]

Corguevais reveals to Ascilia the truth behind her father's death and tries to take the girl back to Ala Mhigo. When the pair is intercepted by Niellefresne's group, Corguevais uses the horn that Niellefresne used at the festival to call a horde of minemites and makes his escape leaving Ascilia behind.[4]




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