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Leader of the Crownsguard who once traveled with King Regis of Lucis. Known as "Cor the Immortal" for his unparalleled martial prowess. Burdened with the guilt of having failed to protect his liege, he relates the king's sentiments to Noctis while watching over his journey.


Cor is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the event(Global) The Man Known as the Immortal.



Cor wears a black, collared jacket with skull-shaped buttons with a black, skull-print shirt beneath, black trousers, and black boots with red soles.

His alternate costume features him in his Kingsglaive attire after 10 years. Though, unlike his resident members, his hair has grayed out to a more silvery appearance and he has grown a beard and mustache.



Cor is summoned by Materia who tells him of Noctis's presence, which he found impossible to believe knowing the King of Lucis's fate in his home world, but eventually set out to make certain of her words. Amidst his exploration of the unknown world, he comes to the aid of Gilgamesh who is struggling against a Magitek Armor. There, he also reunites with familliar faces, Prompto and Aranea, noting that they are younger than he remembers. After a summary about the world they are in, Cor soon meets up with Noctis and agrees to help him with their journey.



Behind the scenes[]

Cor was revealed as the third Global-first character during the July 2021 Global community stream on Twitch, after Beatrix and Aranea.

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