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The Copperhead en-route to the New York Barrier City.

The Copperhead VTOL Tactical Transport Assault Craft (Copperhead for short) is a small, all-weather offensive transport appearing in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

Capable of carrying up to 10 people (8 seated, 1 pilot, 1 standing), the craft has a maximum speed of 720 km. A holographic tactical display is located in the ship's hold for troops to analyze and discuss field tactics while en-route to a location.

The craft series is used frequently as drop ships during the movie for the Deep Eyes squadron; first while extracting Aki Ross from Old New York and a second time while touring and extracting the 7th spirit from the Tucson Wasteland.

A Copperhead is also seen crashing during the Fall of the New York Barrier City as Aki, Dr. Sid, Gray and the Deep Eyes attempt to enter the military hangar while driving a Bandit Humvee.



  • Like every other flying vehicle in the film, the Copperhead's physical shape is that of an eagle in flight.
  • The Copperhead is featured as a figurine produced by Bandai in conjunction with the movie.
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