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Copperbell Mines is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. Along with Sastasha Seagrot and Tam-Tara Deepcroft, it serves as part of an early set of dungeons. A recently reclaimed mineshaft, the miners dug too deep and released a clan of hecatoncheirs that had long been trapped beneath the surface.

A hard mode of Copperbell was released in patch 2.1, A Realm Awoken, serving alongside Haukke Manor (Hard) as the very first Hard mode dungeons.


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Copperbell Mines in the opening cutscene.

Abandoned once purged of ore, Copperbell Mines lay untouched for nigh on three centuries until Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern reclaimed the shafts─the guild's sights set on expanding the mines downward in an attempt to tap yet undiscovered veins of valuable metal. Unfortunately, it was not riches the powder kegs uncovered, but sheer terror, for when the smoke cleared, out poured an army of raging giants from the darkest recesses of the mines. The hecatoncheires─thralls of the lost Thorne Dynasty─were, at last, free from their lightless prison, three hundred years of hate fueling their madness.

In-game Description

During the 13th century of the Sixth Astral Era, a little over 300 years before the events of Final Fantasy XIV, the Thorne Dynasty of Ul'dah had enslaved a tribe of gigants known as hecatoncheirs to assist in their mining operations by way of enchanted helmets. Though it is not known how, in 1272 the enchantments broke, and the hecatoncheirs revolted against their masters in the Great Giant Revolt. Fearing their might, the then ruler of Ul'dah, Baldric Thorne, ordered the mines collapsed on the gigants' heads, hoping they would either be crushed or suffocated to death. When no further hecatoncheirs emerged, the ploy was thought a success. The Copperbell Mines, believed to be purged of ore anyways, were abandoned, leaving the gigants to their fate.

A group of adventurers fighting a hecatoncheir.

Three centuries later, Amajina & Sons sought to reclaim the mines in hopes of finding some heretofore undiscovered mineral veins. Unfortunately, they dug too deep, and freed the hecatoncheirs who had by some miracle survived the centuries trapped in the depths of the mine, during which they had plenty of time for their hatred of their former masters to stew. Simultaneously exalting their newfound freedom and enraged at the sight of what they saw as their former masters, the hecatoncheirs vowed to never be enslaved or trapped again and began furiously attacking any other spoken they came across. With the hecatoncheirs once again posing a threat to Ul'dah, the city-state called upon adventurers to find a more permanent solution to the problem.

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Throughout the dungeon, the player may encounter the following optional chests:


Area Section Enemies
Shaft A Shaft A1
  • (6, 7) Copperbell Coblyn x2, Spriggan Copper Copper (drops tiny key)
Shaft B Shaft B1
  • (8, 7) Spriggan Copper Copper x2, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #1))
  • (8, 7) Copperbell Coblyn, Spriggan Copper Copper, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #1))
Maneater Rip
  • (8, 8) Spriggan Copper Copper x2, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #1))
Shaft B1
  • (9, 7) Copperbell Coblyn, Hecatoncheir Stonehauler
  • (10, 7) Lightning Sprite, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #2)), (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #3))
  • (9, 7) Copperbell Coblyn, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #2)), (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #3))
  • (10, 6) Copperbell Coblyn, Lightning Sprite, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #2)), (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #3)), (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #4)), (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #5))
  • (11, 7) Lightning Sprite x2, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #4)), (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #5))
  • (11, 7) (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #6))
Shaft B4
  • (11, 8) Copperbell Coblyn, Spriggan Copper Copper, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #6))
The Screaming Dark
  • (12, 9) Spriggan Sifter x25, Flambeau x3, Kottos (boss, drops tiny key)
Shaft B4
  • (12, 10) Errant Soul X2
Shaft E Shaft E1
  • (12, 11) Errant Soul, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #7))
  • (13, 12) Blasting Cap, Errant Soul, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #7)) (drops firesand)
  • (11, 12) Blasting Cap, Errant Soul, Spriggan Copper Copper, (Spriggan Copper Carrier*(Patrol #7)) (drops firesand)
The Crying Dark
  • (11, 13) Ichorous Ire, Blasting Cap x3+, Spriggan Quencher x2+ (boss, drops firesand)
Shaft E4
  • (10, 13) Pit Hippocerf x2, Living Fossil
  • (10, 13) Living Fossil x2
  • (10, 14) Errant Soul, Living Fossil
  • (9, 14) Errant Soul x2, Living Fossil
  • (10, 13) Pit Hippocerf x2, Hecatoncheir Stonebreaker
  • (9, 13) Errant Soul, Pit Hippocerf
The Cold Throne

Musical themes[]

"Below" plays during the intro to Copperbell Mines. Like many low-level dungeons, "The Promise of Plunder" plays during battles, "A Fine Death" plays during mini-bosses, and the final boss's battle theme is "Nemesis".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Copperbell Mines FFXIV.png

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Behind the scenes[]

Gyges and Kottos were names of two of the Hecatoncheirs, monstrous offspring of Ouranos and Gaea in Greek Mythology. The third Hecatoncheir, Crier Briareos, appears as the target of the FATE "There Might Be Giants" in Western Thanalan, implied to have separately escaped from the mines.