Beastmaster command. Control various monsters.


Control (あやつる, Ayatsuru?, lit. Manipulate) is the action ability for the Beastmaster in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Equipment Effect Success rate AP
Goblin Demon Bell
War Trumpet
Control goblins and red caps. 50%-70% 200
Flan Demon Bell
Glass Bell
Control ice flans, jellies, and creams. 40%-60% 200
Bomb Demon Bell
Aona Flute
Control bombs and grenades. 35%-55% 200
Dragon Earth Bell Control firewyrms, icedrakes, and thundrakes. 40%-60% 200
Lamia Glass Bell Control lamias and liliths. 30%-50% 200
Bug Fairy Harp Control antlions and jawbreakers. 50%-70% 200
Tonberry Blood Strings Control tonberries and masterberries. 10%-30% 200
Panther War Trumpet Control red panthers and coeurls. 50%-70% 200
Malboro Aona Flute Control malboros and big malboros. 60%-80% 200
Floateye Black Quena Control floateyes and ahrimans. 30%-50% 200
Undead Black Quena Control zombies and vampires. 20%-40% 200
Fairy Fairy Harp Control sprites and titanias. 20%-40% 200
Rockbeast Conch Shell Control blade biters and toughskins. 70%-90% 200

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