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Construct 8

Construct 8 is an optional character from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is a robot from the days of Saint Ajora Glabados that can be acquired as part of a sidequest. Its birthday is June 20.


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Construct 8 has long been offline when it is discovered by Besrudio Bunansa. When Ramza Beoulve returns to the Clockwork City of Goug after defeating Belias, Besrudio tells him about the strange device he has located. Ramza notices a symbol on the robot, and realizes that an auracite, to be precise, the Aquarius Stone, is required to activate it. He recovers the stone during a mission to the Mining Town of Gollund, and when he brings the stone back to Goug, he activates Construct 8.

Construct 8 requests orders, and Mustadio tells Ramza to give an order, insisting he is its master. Ramza commands Construct 8 to dance. Mustadio is upset with the order, but amazed when Construct 8 carries it out. To see if it can fight, he tells Construct 8 to "dispose of Mustadio". Construct 8 pulverizes Mustadio, and Ramza rushes to get him a Phoenix Down.

Construct 8 accompanies Ramza to Nelveska Temple where they encounter Construct 7, a similar Automaton. They defeat it and recover another auracite, Cancer.

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Construct 8 uses Task skills, also known as Work, which inflict heavy damage, but cost a small amount of HP each time. Being a robot, it cannot comprehend the concept of God, so it will always have the Atheist status. It is classified as a monster, so it cannot learn abilities, change jobs, or equip. However, unlike common recruitable monsters, it cannot lay eggs.

Construct 8 may essentially function as a "stool", providing a boost to a character trying to reach a higher level (platform or roof for example). Because of the permanent Atheist status, Construct 8 is immune to all negative statuses except Confuse, and is weak to Lightning-elemental attacks that do not involve Faith. It is immune to all other elements except Water, and also cannot be healed through magick. Construct 8 starts with 70 Bravery and 0 Faith; its faith cannot be permanently increased through Orator's Preach.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Construct 8.

Construct 8 appears as an enemy in Pharos Sirius (Hard). There are three of them.

It also appears as a minion that drops from The Ridorana Lighthouse.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Behind the scenes[]

In Final Fantasy XII, Aquarius Gems are dropped by Construct-type enemies: an allusion to Final Fantasy Tactics where Construct 8 is activated via the Aquarius auracite.