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Conserve MP is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Conserve MP is a passive trait. The ability is gained by Black Mages (level 20), Scholars (level 25), and Blue Mages (level 68). It is also one of the numerous reasons a player might select Black Mage or Scholar as a Support Job. The activation of this ability is completely random; by default, it has a 25% activation rate, which can be enhanced by a number of equipment. Functionally it can reduce the amount of MP used in casting a spell by a variable amount. This will not allow a player to cast a spell if they have less than the normal amount of MP required to cast the spell.

For example, a Black Mage tries to cast Thunder III, which costs 128 MP. If they have 120 MP, they cannot cast the spell; however, if they have 128 MP, they can cast it. It may cost 128 MP. It may also cost them anything from half the normal MP cost up.

Enhancement Equipment[]

  • Duende Cotehardie
  • Magnetic Earring
  • Sorcerer's Sabots
  • Igqira Weskit
  • Igqira Huaraches

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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