FFXI wiki icon Conserve MP is a passive trait in Final Fantasy XI. The ability is gained by Black Mages (level 20), Scholars (level 25), and Blue Mages (level 68). It is also one of the numerous reasons a player might select Black Mage or Scholar as a Support Job. The activation of this ability is completely random; by default, it has a 25% activation rate, which can be enhanced by a number of equipment. Functionally it can reduce the amount of MP used in casting a spell by a variable amount. This will not allow a player to cast a spell if they have less than the normal amount of MP required to cast the spell.

For example, a Black Mage tries to cast Thunder III, which costs 128 MP. If they have 120 MP, they cannot cast the spell; however, if they have 128 MP, they can cast it. It may cost 128 MP. It may also cost them anything from half the normal MP cost up.

Enhancement EquipmentEdit

  • Duende Cotehardie
  • Magnetic Earring
  • Sorcerer's Sabots
  • Igqira Weskit
  • Igqira Huaraches
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