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Glitch Time This Way? That Way? No Way!

Glitch Time This Way? That Way? No Way!

Confused character using Item bug

The Confused character using Item bug in Final Fantasy VI involves a character using an item while confused. This works in the SNES, PS, and Game Boy Advance versions.

This bug causes item attacks to not have a target after their targeting is affected by Confuse or Charm and their effect is removed before the item is used. To see this easily, the player should have at least three characters in the party and have one cast Confuse on the item user, while the other should heal him/her immediately after being afflicted whether it be a physical strike or a spell. The item user should go last. The user will try to use the item, but nothing will happen. Magicite Shard and Super Ball seem to be the only exceptions as they don't need a target. Warp Stone won't cast Warp as a result, but will still get the player out of battle if possible.

The glitch can be used for the Confuse-Smoke Bomb trick on Intangir in the GBA version. The player should cast Confuse on a party member, and while the animation is running have them use a Smoke Bomb. They will use the Smoke Bomb on Intangir. Intangir uses his final Meteor, usually killing the person who used the Smoke Bomb.

This glitch has been fixed in the iOS, Android, and Steam versions.

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