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The confused character casting spell glitch in Final Fantasy VI involves a character casting a spell while confused. This glitch is similar to the confused character using Item bug except that it works in all versions of Final Fantasy VI.

To trigger this glitch, the player should let one character cast Confuse on another character, and immediately let the latter cast a spell, White Wind for example, on his own side before the Confuse takes effect. The spell will then be cast to the enemies rather than to the characters.

Normally some spells cannot target the enemies. The player can take advantage of this glitch to break this limitation. The player can even let Quetzalli magicite's Sonic Dive target the enemies, which will then perform Jump attacks.

This glitch does not work on all the spells. For example, Quick always targets the caster and is not affected by the Confuse status. This glitch has been fixed for some specific spells in later versions of the game. In the GBA version, using this glitch can let confused Strago cast Rippler to another character. In the mobile/Steam version, this is no longer possible as Rippler always targets the enemies regardless of Strago's status.